What is a Riverflow Renewal?

Meet Your Riverflow Renewal Guide

RhondaUretzky-3D wrong RedRhonda Uretzky, E-RYT 200

Owner, Riverflow Yoga

Author, The Blissful Warrior: Living the Paradox of Peace and Passion for Today's Empowered Woman

Mentor,  Riverflow Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Guide, Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal



day oneWhat happened to the person I was – and how can I get her back?”

I've been teaching yoga for over 45 years and I tell you this from experience: most people don't just want to fix their bodies, they want an answer to that question

What I’m getting ready to share is personal and it isn’t for everyone. In fact, right now it’s only for one, single person...

Chances I know that person really well

You wake up every morning, stare in the mirror and wish someone else was staring back.

The body you see …you just don’t recognize it anymore.

The energy you once had…where did it go?

You wake up spinning about money,  your health, the future

And at the end of the day, you're skin-to-soul exhausted

one caucasian woman Ballerina dancer dancing isolated on white background in silhouette

But you still have big dreams...

You want to be travel the world. You want to meet new people.

You want to be fully present for your kids, for your partner, for yourself.

You want to live in a body that feels good, especially as you age.

You want vitality, both physical and emotional.

Not someday when the mortgage is done and your kids graduate college;  RIGHT NOW.

How can you have all this?  you may ask

I would ask... why would you settle for less?

in-harmony-picture-id484850008If you could put aside your To Do list...

For just a little while, immerse yourself in remembering how to feel good,

and can glimpse the person you once were, even if it was a long, long time ago

I’m not talking about running away from your life - but frankly, you’re too busy for just another vacation that brings you to the same overwhelmed life the moment you get home

I’m talking about an inner and outer journey to a place inside yourself that feels like home.

Because it is.

I'm talking about a journey in Self Empowerment 101

to regain your balance, rediscover your worth, reignite your empowerment.

I'd like to share what I discovered in over 4 decades of teaching yoga, about how to renew your body, revive your spirit, transform your life into one you'll be excited to wake up to.

In the place that's historically famous for renewal:  Florence,  Italy

Yoga of HappinessWhat is a Riverflow Yoga Renewal?

  • Hot Yoga: because yoga holds many secrets for renewing your body for vitality and rewiring your mind for happiness; Hot Yoga, Yoga Nidra, chakra cleansing workshops and more
  • Alignment Meditation:  meditation connects you to that place beyond stress where clarity and certainty replace worry and indecisiveness. We'll show you how to get there daily
  • The Ways of a Blissful Warrior:  living a life of ease and flow outside the yoga room where it truly counts for yourself and all those you care about...it can be easier than you think
  • Time to expand: luxurious time...it's just what you need to hear your inner guidance clearly. Yes, you have inner guidance....
  • Time to explore: travel expands your horizons and clears out the clutter in your mind and opens your heart to who you really are: someone who deserves everything she wants in life
  • The pleasures of Italy: food, art, culture, in a city famous for sumptuous living

Age is about attitudeCome closer and look deeper

Throughout this journey, my focus will be totally on you... and you’ll have the results to prove it.

Now, this journey may not be right for everyone.

But after sharing this Blissful adventure with some amazing people over the last two years, we’re ready to offer it again...to just a small group of like-minded people.

If you are familiar with feeling of stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated about it all

If you have a feeling there is a life inside you that you can reconnect with

Then... I can’t wait to find the answers with you

"View from Piazza Michelangelo, Florence. A bronze copy of Michelangelo's David looks out across the city towards the Duomo."

Be generous with yourself

The poet Emily Dickinson once received this advice:

"When you are what men call dead, you will be sorry you were so stingy."

Stop settling for less than you deserve

Take a journey beyond old beliefs about limitations

and into the probability of an abundant life.

Let go of whatever has been holding you back

and take the next step.

You are ready...

You are worthy....

You are in the right place...

And now is your time.

funny jump of young woman. freedom.

Long after the Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal,  you will carry its lessons in your body, in your heart and into your life.

Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal

November 3 - November 10, 2017

 Florence, Italy