The Itinerary: Dreams and Details

Alley in old town San Gimignano Tuscany Italy

If I can stop and truly appreciate where I am and who I am,  all the desires I hold within my heart will  flow easily to me...

You don’t need a retreat ...
You need a Renewal

Relax ....

Forget about have-to-do

Remember what thrills your heart

Ask yourself: "What do I want to feel, right now?"friends-hands-toasting-red-wine-glass-and-having-fun-outdoors-with-picture-id685888824"You will always find a more optimistic version of yourself in a place of soothing."

Start with a feeling  ... and let it guide you

 Plan an itinerary ... but welcome surprises

Prepare what you'll want ... and know that you have all you'll need

Shoes in front of window in Medieval Town Lucca with historic buildings in Italy.

"Too much effort, trying too hard, is not letting the universe do what it is ready to do: bring you everything you want in the best possible way."

How do you Renew?

  • Explore:  Experience art, music, the splendor of the Renaissance
  • Awaken:  Dive deep into yoga and find your core of confidence
  • Wander: Lose your schedule and find a new freedom
  • Expand: Meditate and awaken your inner wisdom
  • Nourish: Savor meals prepared with love
  • Transform:  Find self empowerment
  • Appreciate: See life in a softer light
  • Invigorate:  healthful body, calm mind

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"It doesn’t matter where you’ve been; life can deliver all that you desire, right now."

A typical day? No such thing here...

farmhouse-in-tuscany-picture-id135086495But you might find...

  • HOT YOGA:  Graceful body, youthful spirit...what do you want to feel? Strength, stamina, relaxed yoga is our mantra  every day...
  • NOURISHMENT: Meals are a sensual pleasure. Learn to enjoy it; let food nourish you, support you,  all the specialties of this region, including gelato in every flavor…except guilt
  • EXPLORATION:  A wine tasting, a dinner cooked just for you home, a trip to the hills to explore; this is freedom
  • MEDITATION:  Quiet and connect with your inner sense of  peaceful confidence
  • INSPIRATION: How do you create balance when daily life is overwhelming? The Blissful Warrior will touch your heart and teach you new ways to easily manage the issues of your life
  • ADVENTURE:  Dance til dawn ... sing in an Italian opera... stare into the sunset high above Florence.  It's all a spectacular adventure

"Guide your life based upon what you feel, not on what anyone else thinks is right for you to feel."

FullSizeRender-2 copy 4Questions,  Answers,  Surprises


Friday November 9th to Friday November 16th, 2018


Our home base is Florence, Italy, the historical center the Italian Renaissance

Here, inspired by the beauty of Tuscany you will renew your appreciation for the beauty that is your life

"You must make peace with where you are before you can get to anyplace else."

View over the Tuscan countryside and the town of Montepulciano at sunset, Italy

"You are worthy of every wish, every dream and every idea, and you have the resources around you waiting to assist you, in the creation of a beautiful life."



The other side of the Arno River is a beautiful residential community known as the Diladdarno. Here we will make our home, in Palazzo San Niccolò, 

The Palazzo is from the early Renaissance. The decor is mid-century modern. The feeling is quiet luxury. Comfortable beauty.  Each double-occupancy apartment beautifully appointed with shared bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, sitting rooms. Space for gathering, nooks for privacy. Gardens, breakfast room, balconies. Elegant, charming, simple: quintessential Italy.

Our Palazzo is in a neighborhood of palaces and lush gardens, close to museums and churches yet off the beaten path. Walk the winding streets to  find Florentine artisans at work creating  art, jewelry and leather crafts. Here are the favorite local, nightclubs, galleries... and the most spectacular view above the hills of Florence.

Welcome to your home away from home: Palazzo San Niccolo.


'There is nothing holding you apart from what you want except your tenacious holding to what is instead of than telling the story of what you desire."

Beautiful young woman on sunset background with blue tissue.


  • FLY  direct to FLORENCE or  to MILAN MALPENSA,  or ROME. Flights vary flights - book early
  • For EXAMPLE: Roundtrip Newark to Florence -  ASAP TRAVEL (844-807-9589) $459 - $650
  • Swiss Airlines/Lufthansa offers good flight options from Newark
  • NEXTVACAY has great prices
  • Luxury airline EMIRATES JFK to MILAN offers seasonal specials
  • UNITED AIRLINES to MILAN is consistently excellent
  • The budget airlines WOW and Norwegian Air are worth checking
  • Special promotions go fast - when you see a great deal, book it!
  • TRENITALIA FROM MILAN MALPENSA AIRPORT:  to Centrale Station Milan (50 min approx) and change Centrale to Florence Santa Maria Novella station FLorence (90 min approx)  Buy train tickets online  to avoid needing to stamp/validate your tickets on the train
  • ARRIVE IN FLORENCE:  a short taxi (10 miles from Florence Airport, 3 miles from Florence Train Station) to Palazzo San Niccolo, Via San Niccolo 79, Firenze
  • Use WHATSAPP to text us upon arrival at the station to say you're on your way

FullSizeRender-2WHERE DO WE DO YOGA?

Palazzo San Niccolo houses our own private hot yoga studio. We are welcoming everyone in Florence to join us for hot yoga! Get to know the locals and get ready for hot yoga in  English and Italian, the language of Dante


We are a small, intimate yoga community...and we travel in ways that large tour groups can't.  On any given day we can change our course, chart a new journey, wander off the beaten path ...and find the pleasure of going with the flow, not just here in Italy but as a lesson you will take back home to a less stressful life...

Life, Italian style, means long leisurely meals, quick morning pastry and espresso,  wandering in museums, strolling the Ponte Vecchio, engaging with people and having time alone to dream, always discovering something new...about Italy, about yourself

Food table, fried meat with vegetables in a pan, salad and appetizers, top view

"You don’t have to justify; just set your signal to happiness and practice the purity of that signal by feeling good, soothing yourself and appreciating things in whatever way you can."


Like a little bit of heaven. Only you get a lot.

Tuscan salads.  Stewed Chinghialle. Homemade tiramisu.  Rich red wine

This is a feast prepared just for you.

In Italy, meals are a celebration.  Dining is an art and food becomes your friend.

Some of our meals will be homemade by the chefs at our Palazzo  - traditional Italian ‘farm-to-table’ foods of the region.

Other meals will be enjoyed in the local ambiance of beautiful ristoranti with varied menus

After dinner comes the Passiagiatta: an evening stroll amid Florence's streets, across its many bridges, into it's lively nightlife.

*Let Rhonda know if you have any food allergies or special diet requirements


Meet Elisa and Angel, longtime residents of Florence, and their two charming daughters, Lara and Blanca (you may remember reading about them in my book, The Blissful Warrior). Elisa, a tour guide and Angel, a wine sommalier, have arranged for us to have an Italian family experience.  Elisa's cousins are Federico and Annalisa, owners of Palazzo San Niccolo; her "mum" Grazia along with her partner, Luigi, are our Italian chefs. Elisa and Angel are excited to share with us the best of this famous region they call home.

The awesome medieval stone town in Umbria region, with castle and the famous Saint Francis sanctuary.


Here's whats currently have in the plans  (but there will be surprises)

  • Florence  by foot: The Ponte Vecchio, Michelangelo's David, the piazzas and fountains, the famous shops of  Florentine gold, paper and leather
  • A Sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo
  • A Wine Tasting lesson with sommaliere
  • A trip to a Tuscan farmhouse for...a surprise
  • A photography adventure
  • An Italian music adventure
  • More surprises ...

Excursions add adventure ... but sometimes you may feel the pull to stay at home. You have a beautiful welcoming home at Palazzo Niccolo so feel free to relax into it.


During the day there's so much to see and do in Florence itself and surprises await those who wander... so experience it at your own pace.

Maybe you'll wander into a Christmas Concert in the local church; maybe you'll find yourself face to face with the doorway to the house where Michelangelo lived; maybe you'll slip into a local yoga class. These all happened to me while wandering about in Florence...what happens to you will be equally memorable.

There is lots of free time to explore and let yourself be called by Florence and by your own heartfelt sense of adventure.

Fountain with a grotesque face in old town of Florence, Italy

"Whenever you feel tension, talk gently and soothe yourself. 'I have the potential to get where I want. I understand it may not come all at once – I love the steady stream of things in my life. I can feel that my work is just to relax and allow it. It's alright for me to slow down and catch my breath a little."


Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal

Florence, Italy

November 9th - 16th, 2018

Limited to 10 Blissful Travelers



LATE REGISTRATION AFTER OCT 7 if space permits: $2997


  • 7  days/7 nights accommodations in Palazzo San Niccolo, Florence, Italy: double occupancy apartments with shared bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, kitchenette, dining room
  • Up to 2 meals daily (all breakfasts /2 dinners/a fridge full of foods and snacks)
  • Daily Hot Yoga/Restorative Yoga Nidra/ Meditation
  • Blissful Warrior Gatherings: intimate discussions inspired by Rhonda’s book: The Blissful Warrior: Living the Paradox of Peace and Passion for Today's Empowered Woman
  • Excursions and adventures
  • Many MANY happy surprises

Additional: Roundtrip Airfare;  transport within Italy;  some meals


Quickly! Our Riverflow Renewal to Florence sold out in 2017!



  • Within 60 days of Nov 1: 100% refund
  • Within 30 days: 50% credit towards Annual Unlimited Hot Yoga at Riverflow
  • After Oct 7: Non refundable

Is your life in need of a Renewal?

Call Rhonda to find out: 848-229-9885

"When you look in the mirror and like what you see, what you see will change into who you want to be."

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