You just need a Renewal

You've felt this longing for awhile...

To take better care of yourself

You want your physical strength ...

You need your mental clarity ...

It's been too long

Life gets busy and busy means you come last

It's time to renew your commitment to yourself

To carve out time from your To Do List

To give yourself permission for self care 

To stretch your body and relax your mind

To decide how your life should feel

You're never too late, too old, or too tired to begin again

Welcome to your Renewal

The Riverflow Renewal in Florence Italy

Not just a vacation; not a yoga retreat;  a chance to renew

7 days to rejuvenate your body, remember your spirit, restore your peace and reawaken

Come and find yourself all over again, in a small intimate group of like-minded people

in Italy

Come and create the next chapter of your life, with renewed excitement

The Riverflow Renewal 2019 in Florence, Italy

Limited to 10. Unlimited in possibilities  ...