Why you need a Renewal

You've been saying it for awhile... your family, your boss, your doctor has been telling you, too:

You've got to take better care of yourself

And somewhere inside, you know it's true

You want your physical strength back...

You need your mental clarity ...

You've got to start now;  it's been too long already

You're not alone; busy people don't make time

What it takes is a warrior commitment

To carve out time from your crazy To Do List

To give yourself permission 

To stretch your body and relax your mind

To decide how the rest of your life will feel

Healthy body... clear mind ...

Hot Yoga.

You're never too late, too old, or too tired

For this blood pumping, body sweating, energy flowing challenge

Welcome to your whole-body renewal

And now, the hot yoga adventure continues:

The Riverflow Renewal in Florence Italy

Not your typical yoga vacation and definitely NOT a retreat from your life ... it's a way back

7 days to focus on rejuvenating your body, regaining your spirit, restoring your peace and reawakening your appreciation for life

You deserve to live all your dreams and in your best feeling body

So come and find yourself all over again

Come and experience the next chapter with renewed excitement

The Riverflow Renewal 2019 in Florence, Italy...

Limited to 10. Unlimited in possibilities  ...