Why you need a Renewal

You've been telling yourself this for a while now...

Maybe your husband or your boss or your doctor has been telling it to you, too:

You've got to slow down

And something inside you knows it's true

You need to take it easier, for your physical health and your emotional stability

Because right now, your life is just too filled with To Do...

And your overwhelm is exhausting you

It's not just your body that's suffering with aches and ailments;

Your your mind seems to be spinning all the time

Even when it's time to sleep you're still trying to figure things out

And you're not alone; most people aren’t really taking the time to take care of themselves - especially women like you 

Even in yoga you're still making some sort of effort to make something happen, needing to better yourself in some way

Can you quiet your thoughts long enough to feel satisfied in your life again?

You can...  it just takes a willingness

Start with the willingness to carve out time to do nothing from your To Do List

A willingness to feel the worthiness of not needing to be "productive"

A willingness to  allow of yourself to just be and feel good about it

A willingness to allow life to wrap itself around you rather than making your body, your career, your family have to look and be a certain way

This is a new way of living

It has to do with having fun and appreciating yourself

It's about dropping that old habit of  evaluating yourself and comparing yourself to others and instead, developing a belief in your worthiness, an ability to appreciate yourself and be patient 

Try something: just for today, can you sit back and let things be what they're going to be without wielding any control over it, without trying to fix it or manage it?

I know; in your day to day busy life, letting go of your list isn't so easy

Can you just for awhile, in this silent space, and trust that there’s nothing you have to do in order for things to work out ....

Can you imagine the relief of knowing that nothing needs your attention right now....

The feeling that right now,  there's nothing that should be done.

Nothing that hasn’t been done...

Nothing that should have been done better.

Not needing to prove yourself

Not needing to be smarter or stronger or anything more than who you are

Not needing to earn your validation

In this feeling of relief,  every cell in your body would be refreshed and renewed from the inside out

Little by little,  energy would flow through you unencumbered and you would be satisfied in the present and certain that everything you want is on the way

Just open yourself and invite ease into your experience.

 You're invited to experience this ...

You're invited to the 2018 Riverflow Renewal in Florence Italy

Yoga, self exploration, new adventures, new inspiration for your healthful life, in an intimate yoga community here to support you.

7 days to renew your body, regain your spirit, restore your passion. 

And on this journey all the way to Italy,  you'll come home to yourself again.

Limited to 10 people. Unlimited possibility...