What if you could lie back, relax and do something powerful for your health, all in minutes?

That's the power of Migun: thousands of years of ancient healing wisdom in 15 minutes.

Riverflow Yoga is the only hot yoga studio offering the Migun Therapy Bed


The Migun Therapy Bed combines acupressure, moxibustion, helium, jade, and long-wave infrared rays to create the deepest, most relaxing experience.  It's WAY beyond massage - it's a proven healing therapy, backed by over 30 years of medical research

How does Migun reduce pain and so many other conditions at the same time?
Migun is a proven healing Therapy Table/ FDA approved class II medical device. It combines deep far infrared heat, massage therapy and acupressure while gently flexing and stretching your spine and relaxing your muscles.

And there's way more.

The patented jade massage heads placed in a specific measurement stimulate blood flow and nerve conduction along your spine and stimulate your autonomic nervous system which controls vital functions: blood pressure, blood glucose regulation, digestion, bladder function, breathing and much more.

Consistent Migun Therapy Table use has been scientifically proven to improve and provide relief from many chronic conditions.

Studies conducted at the University of California Irvine show:

  • improvement in chronic pain
  • lower blood pressure
  • better regulation of blood glucose levels for type 2 diabetes
  • more energy
  • improved sleep
  • less digestive problems

    What is Migun Therapy? What does it feel like?

A treatment on the Migun Therapy Table feels warm, comfortable, relaxing

As the specially designed and patented jade massage heads run up and down your back from the tip of your head to the bottom of your tailbone, while the same time another set of the massage heads run up and down each leg, you feel deeply, profoundly relaxed while Migun works its magic.

But you are getting so much more than relaxation: its a proven Therapy effective at reducing, even eliminating, pain and easing many other conditions.

Why is Migun so effective?

The secret lies in the unique  patented jade stone massage heads which stimulate the nerves, muscles and circulation along the sides of your spine.

Specially designed massage tracks for the back and legs gently encourage the spine to move and flex in beneficial ways. Targeted acupressure is then combined with far infra-red deep heat therapy.

For almost 30 years Migun has consistently been recognized for being the best and highest quality product on the market today and has received numerous awards around the world for their innovative designs in far infrared and negative ion technology.

Clinical studies done at the University of California Irvine have documented numerous benefits and improvements that can be achieved by using Migun’s unique patented massage therapy table 4 times a week or more.



The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations notes that acupressure can be successful for everything from pain management to weight loss.

The Migun Massage Bed is designed to press acupressure points along your spine, which supports the nerves and organs, and stimulates the brain to produce endorphins for calm and well-being and:

Increased energy
Decreased stress
Reduced anxiety
Better athletic performance
Lower blood pressure
Fewer headaches
Better pain management
Improved immune function
Faster recovery from injuries
Reduced palpitations
Reduced menopausal symptoms
Clearing of skin problems
Shorter recovery time after surgery
Fewer respiratory infections
Improvement in arthritis
More supple spine and muscles


Migun Massage utilizes far infrared technology, generating heat by causing the body’s molecules to rapidly vibrate against each other. This heat penetrates underlying tissues to stimulate blood cells, improve circulation and detoxify at the cellular level.


Asian Royalty believed in the miraculous healing qualities of jade for strengthening the body's natural defenses and boosting  ‘chi’ (life force).  Migun uses jade rollerballs with an extra punch: they're heated, and emit negative ions essential to anti-aging.


Feel that soothing warmth? That's another part of the Migun magic: helium heated bulbs support and boost energy across the abdomen.


The Migun Massage Bed also employs moxibustion, a heat that accelerates circulation and improves the functioning of internal organs

University of California clinical studies have established positive overall benefits of Migun for muscular/skeletal, gastrointestinal, nervous, and cardiovascular health.

"I work hunched over a desk with my shoulders up around my ears; I get headaches and neck/shoulder/upper back aches.  When I told Rhonda that I would not be at hot yoga one morning  because I was in pain, she texted back:  “Come for a Migun massage.”  The heated rollers massaged my back from head to calves, and really got that spot  between my shoulder blades, and my entire neck and lower back. Now I get a Migun massage after hot yoga classes. I tried Migun as a rescue; now it's my preventive care."


Migun is the answer to that tight connective tissue in your lower back.

With its jade probes, the Migun bed technology employs the use of "tiny jackhammers"  to your lumbar and sacral region which effectively breaks up bone calcification and frees stuck energy.

Migun also saturates your lower back with deeply penetrating far-infrared heat which dramatically increases blood flow (and, therefore, oxygen) to the area.  As the probes break up calcified connective tissue, increased blood flow flushes it out of the body.

Dont take our word: experience it for yourself

Study results showed positive effects in the overall health of users, including improvement in pain levels, sleep, blood pressure, digestive disorders, improved spinal alignment, better circulation, improvements in the nervous system and better regulated blood glucose levels in subjects with type 2 diabetes.Add a Migun Massage after a hot yoga class, and  see how this powerful combination work together to create a more youthful spine.

Take 15 minutes after your next hot yoga class for a Migun Therapy session. It may be included in your Riverflow Hot Yoga Plan.

And why not? You deserve it.


Every winter, we bring Migun Rugs back to the studio - no jade probes, but based on the same heated healing technology. Arrive 20 minutes before each hot yoga class and claim one of the limited spots on our Migun Rugs.

Feel the warmth everywhere at Riverflow Yoga.