What is Guru Hot Yoga?


Teacher, tutor, leader, sage …

When you're ready to truly succeed at something,  you find a mentor. Mentors are the experts in your goals, who provide a shortcut on the path

In yoga, this person is known as The Guru

Think of your Guru as your hot yoga personal trainer

Hot Yoga with a little enlightenment...

GU means light...RU means you

Thus, the Guru uncovers the light within you...and lights a fire under you

The Guru shines the light on you and in front of you, lighting the path beneath your feet that will take you from Here to Where You Want To Be

Warrior pose from yoga by woman silhouette on sunset

Close your eyes and picture it:

It's your day for hot yoga... and you've been looking forward to this all week

It's time for your Me Time

Just you and your hot yoga Guru, challenging you, transforming you

You feel no stress for the first time in a long time

You feel your body moving without a hint of the old injuries or aches

You feel alive and powerful {stiff and creaky is over}

Your feel calm and at ease, confident and free

Whether you're a beginner or more experienced, if you're ready to start making the changes you've been wanting forever, you're ready for Guru Hot Yoga at Riverflow

Beautiful young woman working out in loft interior, doing yoga exercise on blue mat, stretching with closed eyes, standing in Ustrasana, Camel Posture, full length, copy space

The Guru focuses on your schedule

Guru Hot Yoga sessions are set just for  you,  scheduled at your convenience:  early mornings, midday, late afternoons, evenings. Whatever time works for you, we make the time right for you

Each Guru Session is about you,  what you need from hot yoga right now, for this stage in your practice and your life.

For stress relief ...

Each Guru session includes a  Migun Therapy Bed session (or two),  to further melt away any tightness in your body....to soften your mind ...to ease your stress

Migun is an FDA approved medical device proven to assist a list of ailments from arthritis to diabetes, from stress to joint pain and much more. Twenty five years of research proves it. And each session on the Migun affirms it.

Guru Sessions are special already, and they also include special treats. A facial. Fruit and snacks.  A guided meditation...

greece459Riverflow is not Big Box Hot Yoga

We specialize small, intimate hot yoga classes and 1:1 Hot Yoga. We focus on form and alignment over pretzel poses. In other words, we focus on you...so you get lasting results.

Guru Hot Yoga sessions can either be added to hot yoga group classes; or you can work with a Riverflow Guru exclusively

Take what learn from your Guru into your group classes, and out into your life...and watch your results come faster, deeper, stronger.

Guru Hot Yoga is sacred Me-time you've been looking for: to realize the full potential of best feeling body, mind and spirit.

Because there is a best version of You,  waiting to be uncovered. Someone who has more energy for your work,  more patience for your family, more appreciation for yourself

A body that moves without stiffness, even in the mornings and especially as you age..

Enjoying night after night of restful, worry-free, rejuvenating sleep ...

That's Guru Hot Yoga.

Yoga of HappinessHot Yoga outside the box

You want hot yoga to tone your body, yes, but did you know that hot yoga can enhance your life -   more energy, more vitality, more of the good stuff for  an active, vibrant life.

Because nothing should ever hold you back from enjoying your family, traveling with friends,  being present for all the celebrations life hold for you now and in the future

You don't have to climb a mountain in Tibet to meet your Guru; she's right here at Riverflow Yoga

Tell me what you want and I'll show you how to get there...

What is important to you?

You want to step back into hot yoga or step up your hot yoga practice for all those juicy physical benefits;  you want to go deeper into hot yoga and see what more it can do for you; you're ready to make yourself a priority in your life

CONTACT ME to discuss a custom-designed Guru Hot Yoga plan ...

To renew your body. To reconnect to yourself.  To remember how good you were meant to  feel. Not someday... but as a reminder that Today is your day.