What is Guru Hot Yoga?

Teacher, trainer, mentor...what is a Guru?

When you're ready to get serious about your goals, you look for guidance. Not just from anyone, from an expert; someone with the insight and experience to guide you, who can focus on your needs, your goals, your best route to go from where you are to where you want to be.

In business or education,  that person is the Mentor. A personal coach offering the shortcut to success.

In yoga, that person is the Guru.

One-plus-one adds up to infinity...

GU means light. RU means you.

In ancient yoga, the Guru uncovered the light within you.

In modern yoga , the Guru lights a fire under you. Your goals, your desires, your dreams.

Welcome to Riverflow Guru Hot Yoga

Close your eyes and picture this:  just you and Guru, focusing on what you need from hot yoga right now:  a flexible, toned body, a stress detox, a sharpened focus,  and body and soul healing  ...maybe even that elusive feeling of unshakeable happiness.

Modern yoga for your busy modern life. Designed to fit your schedule, and your goals. To the fire lit within you and help you avoid burnout.

Hot yoga the way yoga was meant to be experienced: one on one, from teacher to student, personal and personalized for you.

Warrior pose from yoga by woman silhouette on sunset

Close your eyes and imagine:

Early morning: before work, before sunrise, before your regular schedule begins ..

Midday: before your lunch break...

After hours, when your day is complete and just before your evening schedule begins...

This is the perfect time for Guru Hot Yog

As your Guru hot yoga session begins,  you feel yourself instantly unwind

Under your Guru's guidance, your body moves easily, beyond old aches and tightness

Your Guru instructs you to breathe deeply and you feel energized, empowered...

You feel yourself calm down, beyond stress and worry ...

You finally begin to let go and open up to the possibilities that are here for you

Pose after pose, your Guru offers you secrets, tips and adjustments that take you into new places of freedom and flexibility in your body

You feel yourself achieving new levels of personal best.

Consistently, in every Guru Hot Yoga session.

Beautiful young woman working out in loft interior, doing yoga exercise on blue mat, stretching with closed eyes, standing in Ustrasana, Camel Posture, full length, copy space

We know you're on a tight schedule...

Guru Hot Yoga is scheduled around your schedule.  At the core of Guru Hot Yoga are the Hot Yoga 26 Poses... but somehow customized to your specific goals balance, strength, flexibility, stress relief.. whatever you need in this session, each session.

Because you deserve more ...

What else can Guru Hot Yoga  include?

MIGUN THERAPY BED MASSAGE: We recommend adding one or two 15- minute  Migun Therapy Bed massage sessions to your  one-hour hot yoga, to  melt away any remnants of tightness in your body, your mind, anyplace resistance might be holding you back.

This is more than a massage...

The Migun Therapy Table is an FDA approved medical device proven to ease a list of ailments from arthritis to diabetes, from stress to joint pain and much more. Twenty five years of research proves it. And each session on our Migun Therapy Table affirms it.

SMALL GROUP HOT YOGA CLASSES: Between Guru Sessions,  our small-group hot yoga classes let you practice the secrets you learned from your Guru and hone your skills as you watch your benefits build. Apply what learn from your Guru into your yoga practice, and then into your life... and watch your body transform.

What would it take to empower you?

At Riverflow, we make hot yoga about your personal goals.

We specialize in small group hot yoga classes and 1:1 Guru Hot Yoga

When you have a Guru Hot Yoga Plan, you will also have access to a special offering: Yoga Deep, our yoga and meditation combination for deeper stress management.

What we really offer is transformation, in a unique combination of healing yoga and massage methods with personalized attention, to deliver deep and lasting results.

Your Personal Best

There is a best version of you, waiting to be uncovered.

That person wakes up eager for the day and sleeps peacefully through the night.  She feels enthusiasm for her work, patience for her family, love for herself...

That's who you are, at your best. Guru Hot Yoga will bring her back to life

Yoga of HappinessHot Yoga outside the box...

Can hot yoga change your life outside the yoga studio?

After practicing and teaching yoga for over 45 years, I can tell you not only can hot yoga do this but it will...with a commitment to being consistent in your hot yoga practice

Your Riverflow Guru is also your Accountability Partner, someone who will keep you on track, and root for you as you succeed.

You don't have to climb a mountain in Tibet to find your Guru

She's waiting for you at Riverflow Yoga

Our Guru Hot Yoga sessions are limited to certain morning, midday and evening hours, but offer unlimited potential for you to reach your highest goals, faster.

We dont think anything should ever hold you back from having the life you want - and you're never too old, too tired or too late to start.

Start by making your health, your wellness, your happiness - yourself -  a priority

Welcome to Guru Hot Yoga.

Contact Rhonda to find out about schedule,  availability and to design a Guru Hot Yoga plan that matches your goals, your life, your dreams.