What Happens after 30 Days of Hot Yoga?

What can you transform in 30 days?

Think of something life changing.

Climbing Mount Everest?  Too cold.

Sailing around the world? I'm seasick already.

Biking cross country? Who has that kind of time?

How about something that will change your life in a month?

Can your life change in 30 Days?

“My heart is touched at having shared this challenge through your studio and website, and through the lives of people  I have met and those I haven’t met but who are connected through  your efforts. It is a wonderful gift you share, an ability to transform people, especially me... Thank you so much for opening up my heart, mind, body and soul. 45 days, 15 pounds, 7 ½ inches later, I am hooked. And did I tell you...you make me sweat, too!” - Susan

Give us 30 days and we'll give you a better feeling body, mind and spirit.

Sounds crazy?

Sure, all great ideas do - until they are shown to be genius.

Have people really done a 30 Day Hot Yoga Transformation?

Thousands, all over the world, in hot yoga studios everywhere. You're in good company.

Curious about what you can achieve?

Come in closer...

Is the 30 Day Hot Yoga Transformation for you?

It's for anyone. Beginners, advanced, intermediate. Passionate, unsure, skeptical.

You can start anytime at Riverflow Yoga.

Chances are you'll be joining others just starting or already into their 30 Days. Sometimes you start together. Or you set our own schedule. Always you cheer each other on.

 Riverflow is your yoga community...

During your 30 days, we watch over you, encourage you, root for you every day.

And when the going gets tough,  hot yogis get tougher.

No matter what comes up, count on your Riverflow friends to see you across the finish line - proudly.

What will you feel after your 30 Days?

Physical results: off the charts.

Emotional stability and mental clarity: almost beyond measure.

Some Riverflow Yoga students who have done a 30 Day Transformation have blogged their experiences right here on our website. Read their 30 Day blogs and see for yourself: everyone gains something different, special, life changing. Their words will inspire you.

What have you got to lose...or gain? Whatever you want!

Ready for a whole new you?

Register for your a 30 Day Transformation at our website or by calling me, and let us help you celebrate your way through this amazing undertaking.

You know that person you always wanted to be?

In the next 30 days, you may find out that you already are.


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A 30 Day Hot Yoga Transformation

I just love a happy ending, especially when the story starts with hot yoga.

Parul Trivedi had chest pains, headaches, high cholesterol and thyroid issues. Her doctor warned her life could be cut short by a heart attack  - at age 33.

Desperate for a solution, she tried hot yoga, and hated it. She bolted from the room and swore she'd never return...except one day, four months later,  she did return.

Within a week was a regular: three classes weekly. When doctors noted her lowered cholesterol and reduced her thyroid medication, Parul signed up for a 30 Day Hot Yoga Transformation: because you 30 days of 30 consecutive hot yoga classes. Scores of people who had done the 30 Day Transformation at Riverflow Yoga encouraged her. 

And when she completed it, with a smile, her colleagues and co-workers noticed her calmer demeanor and easier smile.

 Parul's advice: Start with yourself and just add hot yoga.

From Headaches, Hypothyroidism and Heart Troubles to One Hot Mama -

by Parul Trivedi, Riverflow Yoga student

"The day started like any other: wake up,  straight to my office, then home after working about 12-13 hours, 6-7 days a week. I suffered from huge amount of work stress everyday but that was normal for me, too.

Then I started having pains in my chest accompanied by severe headaches.

I already knew I had hypothyroidism (lazy thyroid glands), so chest pain or headache did not bother me much.  I did not think it was serious until it got worse - much worse. Sometimes I could not breathe for several seconds and I began experiencing severe swelling in my body.

For the first time of my life, I felt I was going to die... at the age of 33.

I visited my family doctor right away. When he ran some tests, he told me that I was just fine. I only had slightly high cholesterol. He had no answers to why I was getting chest pain and severe swelling.

I needed answers; I was not satisfied with my doctor’s diagnosis. There was something about my body that my doctor did not see.

Since Ihad to change my PCP at that point, the new doctor ran a few more tests whose reports indicated that I had high cholesterol (values higher than before) and high blood pressure, which was the main reason for the severe headaches. I began a strict sodium diet (1500mg/day) to help reduce my swelling.

I started going to a gym a few days a week for about an hour/session. In spite of struggling at the gym for two years, there was not much change in my physical health. At this point, I was desperate for anything natural to improve myself mentally and physically.

What scared me the most was my family history of stroke. I DID NOT WANT TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK AT 33.

I had heard about hot yoga from my co-worker.  I did some research online and found RIVERFLOW YOGA. My friend and I took our first class at Riverflow studio on 04/29/2013, a Monday.

The class was full. Within the first 10 minutes, I wanted to get out of the room.  Because we were instructed not to leave the room during the session, I stayed on the floor for almost half of the session.  I remember looking at the clock every minute and wondering why the clock wasn’t ticking! I gave up doing those impossible poses and stayed lying down until the class was finished. I ran out and stayed away for 4 months!

Honestly, I was scared to face the reality that my body wasn’t flexible at all. I couldn’t even sit on the floor.

I visited Spain in September for a vacation and when I returned home, I knew it was time  to get my health back on track. I attended another hot yoga session after getting some encouragement from my staff.

On that day, I found that the heat relaxed my aching muscles and joints. The teacher, Zach, was very welcoming and this time. I survived the whole first day class even though I could not do 90% of poses!

Fast foward to a half month later and I feel like a hot yoga pro; in fact. I can't get enough of this good feeling I have from hot yoga.

Today, I look at myself on the mirror and see a totally new person. The “New Parul” is more confident, less stressed, and always excited to start a new day filled with fun and energy. Exercising, yoga and healthier diet have been doing wonders.

And my life? My daily to-do lists get completed on time. My colleagues have started noticing my stress is under control. Shopping for new clothes does not scare me anymore. My doctor was amazed: my cholesterol is lower and my blood pressure stabilized. I have yet to reach my weight goal, but I am sure that I will get there. Fully confident—that’s me now.

I feel very strong mentally. I strongly recommend everyone to try out hot yoga at least once and then come back again. When you are ready to change your life, just turn up the heat.