Have you heard about Riverflow hot yoga?

"There's something cool about this hot yoga community..." -Marguerite Hellwich


"Working as a Groomer for the past 20 years, I always had big problems with my back...especially for the last 11 years after I suffered a really bad ankle fracture. I went through many chiropractic treatments and was frequently visiting a very good deep tissue massage therapist whose massages were helping me to just keep moving and working.

Well...the first morning after my first hot yoga class, I got up out of bed with surprisingly less pain in my back. And now, after only 6 or 7 classes and one incredible Migun Massage at the studio, I definitely feel less stiffness in my body. I don't wake up in the middle of the night because of a pain in my back! (Two months ago I had to ask my husband to help me put my socks on!) Yes, I am amazed! I can't wait to see myself in a half year or so! Hot yoga definitely works for me, I'm happy that I found you, Riverflow Yoga!"  -Oksana V.



"Calming and challenging at the same time...

That's  just some of what people tell us about Riverflow Yoga...and we love repeating what we hear:


"When I joined it was 100% for fitness, to get a good sweaty workout! Through the months I got bonuses like calmness, and better posture.... I am truly enjoying my practice more than I thought." - Denise

" I wish for my road ahead to be less chaotic.  I need a healthy transition at this stage of my life.  I believe the practice of hot yoga will guide me to that sweet spot!"- Valerie

"Most of my fellow hairstylists have carpal tunnel or problems that go along with any repetitive work. Now, I can barely do the (hot yoga) poses but for some reason I get all of the benefits anyway... all you have to do is give it an honest try and you get so much back in return. It’s like I have turned back the hands of time." - Karen

adobe-spark10"Stress relief, weight loss, emotional support, empowerment, I could keep going...and I will! - Jessica

"My mind and body have felt like I took some wonder drug. I've maintained my calm, my body feels easier to move around in… it's hard to even explain the physical difference that I feel- my entire insides have calmed down, finally. It's amazing how just 90 minutes completely transformed my mental and physical state. - Michelle

"I just added YOGA DEEP to my practice... I didn't know what I was missing! The complete package: relaxation of the body,  spirit, mind... "- Phyllis

"I NEED hot yoga! I love it and the friendly environment here. I'll be coming back later today for another class.- Jeff

"JAI RHONDA - THANK YOU SO MUCH for so wonderfully putting the wheels in motion for John & I to make last Thurs nite's Classic Hot Yoga class. YOU WERE GREAT & SO WAS LOVELY GRACE!! I was so grateful to you both!" - Amala

"Hot yoga is my  chiropractor. My gym. My meditation. My guru. My therapist. My business coach. My energy booster. My sleeping pill. My mood stabilizer. My sauna. My spa...Melina

"After just a few classes my lower back was looser and it stayed that way....and I had experienced back tightness and pain on a regular basis. This was a welcome benefit of hot yoga! - EZ

"I took Zach's class on Friday night.... fabulous!  The intense structure of hot yoga leaves little room for additional comments and instruction but Zach filled the holes with helpful hints and tiny tidbits of humor. He is intensely motivating. - Lauren

"My daughter Amanda and I attended this mornings' 10:30 class, a first for both of us. Even though the class was challenging it was also extremely rewarding! I'm not sure why I was so intimidated that I did not try hot yoga sooner. We both found the studio warm and welcoming! - Susan

"Unfortunately, sometimes in life, work has to take a precedence in order to survive, but when I woke up today rattled by anxiety, worry and nerves for about the 15th day in a row, I knew hot yoga was the only thing that would really bring me some relief and despite the mountain of work that needed to get done… I finally decided bringing myself some relief was more important than anything else - Michelle

"Hot yoga is my therapy and my workout... just the break I need from my hectic schedule: 90 minutes just for me.- Erica

"(Riverflow) hot yoga does something magical:  I overcome a lousy state of mind pushing myself to a physical edge which becomes an out-of-body, and more importantly out of mind experience.  Teachers greet me with smiling faces;  Aimee’s class was fantastic, and the post-class connection between myself and the teachers plus another student was... magical. - Valli

"I loved the teacher, Zach – and WOW,  I felt great.  Your studio is about 40 minutes away, but...I am willing to travel because the class ROCKED!!! I never saw that much sweat drip from my body before!!! LOVE IT! - Irene

"Rhonda - this morning after hot yoga class last night, I swam and I could not believe how great I felt -  like I had an extra lung! - and my range of motion was better than ever before.  I am in triathlon training for a big race in Chile in January and  I am so glad to incorporate hot yoga in the mix.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. - LD

"Hot yoga class flies by; I'm so involved in the poses and focusing on me. I feel I learn something different each time.  Thank you! - Toby

"Getting past my "bad knee" complex - there, there, that's a good knee! - getting into Supta Vajrasana, feels so good.- R.T

"I lost a dress size if not more - and hot yoga redefined my arms. I have increased energy by day (and I stopped drinking coffee altogether), and I'm sleeping better at night.  Hot yoga is something I do by myself, for myself...to decompress after helping other people with their problems all day. - Stephanie

"I love the heat in hot yoga, and I really hate heat. I hate summer. That is so weird to me! But I love the way I feel. My shoulder is even loosening up!" - Diane

greece144"I lost 18 pounds. I walk out of every hot yoga class relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated - D.L.

"I was a very inflexible runner sidelined with another injury. I tried everything, from massage to chiropractors to hot tubs; hot yoga does it. Hot yoga makes me feel better physically, and it works on my mind and soul like nothing I have ever done. - Dawn

"Before class started, I convinced myself this would be my first and last hot yoga class.  Boy was I wrong! ...a great workout, felt cleansed, emotionally, mentally & physically.  Now I encourage friends and family to join me.  - Heather

"At 67 years young, I was skeptical about starting hot yoga. Not having taken any yoga previously, having total knee replacement one year ago, rotator cuff surgery 4 years ago, and almost daily suffering with reflux problems, I didn't know what to expect. From the moment I walked in the door, Rhonda made me feel comfortable and fully explained the program I was about to attempt. After the first yoga class I was very sore, but I knew something was happening. The more hot yoga classes I attended, the better I felt. I even have convinced my daughter and her friend to join. - Rich

"I can tell you with certainty that hot yoga is a fantastic workout! I awoke today with more energy than I’ve had in months (and that’s saying a lot being that I get up at 4am) - Tina

"Before Riverflow Yoga, I actively struggled with an eating disorder.  I can't be sure what it is about this hot 26 yoga, but somehow, with regular practice, it manages to keep those surges of pain and anxiety which have ruled my life for so many years at bay.- Alison

"I have been doing yoga for over 20 years...Rhonda is an inspirational yoga teacher.  - Paul Scoggins

"I never went back to running. With hot yoga,  I still get into shape and feel the endorphin rush without pounding my joints. I like the comraderie at Riverflow. Every time I take a class and a student is there for the first time - I think of my first couple of classes and how difficult they were - I try to reach out and be supportive. - Beth

"This hot yoga is a wonderful release for me. I'm not sure exactly what it does, but I know that I'm addicted to it, and when I don't do it, I miss it.- Gretchen

Ready for a hot yoga miracle?

In my 45-plus years as a yoga teacher this is one of my most uplifting student testimonial, as told to me by Riverflow student Rian Hamilton.

"On October 27, 2008 I was taking my last test to become a Jumpmaster at Fort Bragg, NC when I got into a horrific parachute accident.

I crushed my pelvis and was literally broken in half with my left leg jammed two inches into my back. I laid in the hospital five days before there was a surgeon qualified enough to perform the surgery to reconstruct my pelvis.

Even then I wasn't able to escape major nerve damage which killed four muscles in my left leg, not to mention the hardware used to put me back together.

I spent a total of 2 weeks in the hospital, 2 weeks in a wheelchair, 6 months on crutches and 9 months with a cane - not to mention an un-Godly amount of narcotics and painful rehabilitation.

Nine months after my accident, doctors said I would never return to a condition where I would be able to run.

I could never wear body armor or carry a fighting load, nor would I ever jump out of another airplane or be deployed overseas again.  The Army initiated a medical chapter to have me separated from the military.

I was destroyed.  My world fell apart.  I would be lying if I told you that I didn't feel sorry for myself.

In a very deep depression, in constant physical pain, I wondered what someone my age (26) was supposed to do with her life when she can't walk without a cane.

I received my Honorable Discharge this past January and took refuge at my older sister's house in Europe to try to gain perspective on life.

Enter Yoga.

My sister enrolled me in yoga classes and within two weeks I started to feel better than I had felt since before my accident.

I can't tell you the physics of yoga; I don't know why it worked so well, all I know is that it did. I returned to the states and quickly became a regular to several yoga studios in North Carolina.

The more involved with the yoga community I became the more I realized that I was not alone; I even met people with injuries similar to mine and it gave me so much hope for the future.

Before I knew it I was no longer walking with a cane.

When I moved back to NJ, I was on a mission to find that same kind of yoga community and I can't begin to tell you how disheartening it was to find that it is not as common around here as one might think.  Then I found Riverflow.

I had been dying to try hot yoga and was overjoyed to find Riverflow Yoga.

When you walk into hot yoga at Riverflow, you can't believe the diversity: men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes and ability, all there with the same goal of bettering themselves.

Riverflow Yoga owner Rhonda was passionate about hot yoga and her students.

My friend Chris and I, who attend twice a week, are constantly being asked about it by our friends. There is hardly a hot yoga session where we're not bringing someone else along who wants to reap the benefits of hot yoga, too.

I am certain that you would be hard-pressed to find a student or patron of Riverflow Yoga whose life hasn't been affected positively by attending one of Rhonda's classes.

The opportunity to be healthier and happier that we get from Riverflow Yoga, you absolutely cannot find in any gym, nor anywhere else for that matter.

Believe me, I've looked.   - Miss Rian P. Hamilton