I started hot yoga in 2010 when I was getting ready to deploy to Iraq.

I figured hot yoga would get me acclimated to the Middle East in summertime.  In my first class I thought ,”Oh, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this...” but after my second class the very next day I was hooked! By my third class I was doing the poses and loving it.

I continued hot yoga  until I was deployed again, this time to Kandahar, Afghanistan, and that’s when I decided to do the Riverflow hot yoga blissful Warrior Teacher Training. Since this Training takes place live online I was able to join the weekly sessions from the middle of the desert!

Now that I am back in New Jersey and teaching at Riverflow Yoga,  I  appreciate hot yoga even more. Most recently hot yoga has seen me through a major hip surgery. But I can still remember what it felt 8 years ago to be new and nervous about  hot yoga, so if you’re worried, I would say give it a little time and be patient with yourself: you won’t be sorry! And now that Rhonda has asked me to take over as Happiness Manager at Riverflow, I’m excited to be supporting you to find new levels of joy in this practice,  just as I find for myself.