My middle daughter, Amanda, mentioned that Hot Yoga was a great workout and told me how much she loved it; so she talked me into a Groupon for 10 Hot Yoga classes at Riverflow.

After my first class I thought, "This is crazy...."

Fortunately I'm WAY too thrifty to waste money so I was determined take all 10 classes. It took about 7 for me to be "HOOKED." I felt so good!  I've always loved yoga and I have been a runner, biker, and hiker for years. I had a knee injury that I continued to run with until eventually I was forced to stop.  Enter hot yoga: my feet and hips didn't hurt, even  my sore knee felt better!  My arms and upper back felt more flexible. Six years later and with hot yoga I just keep feeling better physically.

It was only a few months after starting to practice I knew I wanted to teach....I graduated Riverflow Hot Yog Blissful Warrior Teacher Training in 2018

After some challenging health issues, I realized the spiritual benefits of this yoga. It has been the foundation for my recovery in many ways.

I believe everyone needs to at least give Hot Yoga a try... and do try to hang in there for all 10 classes!