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Hot Yoga. Cool People. Warm Community.

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Which yoga is for you today?

You're a beginner: CLASSIC HOT YOGA -  26 poses/90 minutes/the full body workout. For beginners and advanced

You're pressed for time:  EXPRESS HOT YOGA - 26 poses/60 minutes; when your schedule is tight but you still want hot yoga. For beginners and advanced

You're ready to rock: MUSIC HOT YOGA: 90 minute hot yoga with minimal instructions, just a rockin' playlist Take 6 CLASSIC or EXPRESS HOT YOGA CLASSES first

You want to start your day hot: BEDHEAD HOT YOGA: roll out of bed and into a 60 minute MUSIC hot yoga. Take 6 CLASSIC OR EXPRESS hot yoga classes first!

2You want deep relaxation: YOGA DEEP will stretch the stress right out of you: 60 minutes of relaxing poses, gentle music and guided meditation. For beginners & advanced

Ask about our INTRO PLAN, then let us design a hot yoga plan to suit your needs. All Plans once activated are nonrefundable and nontransferable - but you won't want to once you see what hot yoga feels like in your body and in your life.


What makes Riverflow so hot?

At Riverflow, you'll find all the support you to reach your goals.

Hot Yoga: We heat up to a toasty 105 degrees with 40% humidity using vented plus Far Infrared  heat to penetrate the skin and dilate blood vessels and capillaries, promote increased circulation and sweat to rid you of toxins and metabolic wastes, and replace your stressed self with a calmer, stronger, more flexible you.

Yoga_for_BeginnersWhat can you expect from hot yoga?

Increased energy

Restful sleep

Release of stress

Improved strength

Greater flexibility

Overall body toning

17You're never too tired, too old or too late to start...or start over

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