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Welcome to Your Hot Yoga Schedule!

What Do People Say about Riverflow Yoga?



Hot Yoga. Cool People. Warm Community.

287 S. Main St * LACEWORKS BUILDING #10 - find us around the back* Lambertville,  NJ 08530 848-229-9885 * FREE PARKING


Which Hot Yoga for you today?

You're a beginner: CLASSIC HOT YOGA -  26 poses/90 minutes/the full body workout. For beginners and advanced

You're pressed for time:  EXPRESS HOT YOGA - 26 poses/60 minutes; when your schedule is tight but you still want hot yoga. For beginners and advanced

You're ready to rock: MUSIC HOT YOGA: 90 minute hot yoga with minimal instructions. Take 6 CLASSIC or EXPRESS HOT YOGA CLASSES first

2You want a personal-trainer in hot yoga: GURU HOT YOGA is you and a one of our senior hot yoga teachers, 1:1,  laser-focused on your goals...and your schedule! Early in the morning? Later in the evening? You and your GURU work it together and accomplish everything you want from your hot yoga practice...and that's a lot. Perfect if you're new to Hot Yoga...ideal if you're experienced and ready for more advanced practice...having a GURU is an amazing and unique experience: its like having a Personal Trainer in Hot Yoga! 



What makes Riverflow hot?

We're focused on you. From small group yoga classes to private 1:1 GURU HOT YOGA sessions. Hot yoga is the answer  - for weight loss, body strength and toning, stress and anxiety, aging well, maintaining physical and mental fitness

Schedule a 15 minute Yoga Chat after your first class so we can create a plan - which classes, how often, and what you can expect to achieve in as little as TWO WEEKS of  your HOT YOGA INTRO! Then we can see what comes next...

Why Hot Yoga?

We heat the room to a toasty 105 degrees with 40% humidity using Far Infrared and forced hot air  heat to penetrate the skin and dilate blood vessels and capillaries, promote circulation and make you sweat out toxins, tightness and metabolic wastes, and replace your stressed-out self with a calmer, stronger, more flexible version of the real you.

Yoga_for_BeginnersWhat can you expect?

Increased energy

Restful sleep

Less stress

More strength

Greater flexibility

Overall toning

17You're NEVER too old, too tired or late for a new BEGINNING... one that will give you a whole new ENDING to the story of the  life you always wanted...

Just get started NOW!

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*Riverflow Yoga Classes are nonrefundable and nontransferable - but you won't want to stop once you feel this transformation.