Yoga Playshops

You work maybe yoga shouldn't be such hard work.

Maybe yoga - and life -  should be more play.

Presenting the Riverflow Yoga "Playshops."

We're going to play with yoga, offering tips and tricks for gaining ease, range of motion, and more benefits from every class. And having more fun.

And we're going to play at the Game of Life. Soothing your stress. Boosting your happiness. Relaxing about money. Resolving your relationships.

Can yoga be the answer to everything?

adobe-spark8Hot Yoga Posture Clinics

Did you know that locking your arms down is the key to holding them up in Half Moon and Awkward pose?

Do you know the turn-your-kneecap trick in Double Leg Lift?

There's more than one Secret Sweet Spot to every hot yoga pose and knowing them all can take the struggle out of every stretch.

After practicing yoga for over 45 years - 20 of those hot - I know a more about the 26 poses than there's time to say during 60 or 90 minute class.

In our Hot Yoga Posture Clinics,  I'm sharing all those secrets with you.

Two hours that will open your eyes - and your body - to how good each pose can feel, how much further you can go, and how much faster you can reach your goals.

Bring your questions.  Show us where you're stuck. Let our master teachers demonstrate while you sit back and take it all into your next hot yoga class - and just wait til you see how THAT feels!


release-resistance The Yoga of Happiness

What's the point of hot yoga?

Flexibility, strength and toning. Overall well-being. Stress relief, focus, balance in your life. Weight loss. Confidence. Empowerment.

These are all yours, with a consistent hot yoga practice.

But look deeper. Everything you want is for one reason: you think you'll be happier

But what if happiness was NOT dependent upon achievements, efforts or outside conditions?

What if happiness was a choice?

What if you could be happy ON THE WAY to achieving your goals, not just when you get there?

What if you didn't have to wait for  "someday" or "as soon as" or "when I have time"?

adobe-spark10THE YOGA OF HAPPINESS is based on my many years of spiritual practice in the art of happiness. It is about the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. With guided meditations, self-soothing techniques and guest speakers to teach you the latest wisdom for being happy now.

Come as you are.

Bring your challenges. Bring your beliefs. Bring your current reality and be prepared to leave it at the door.

Part science, part Law (of Attraction); part lecture, part experiential, part discussion - and all in as we go all out the edge of happiness to bring more of it into your life.



  • Included in STRENGTH, BALANCE, or BLISS Packages
  • Happening: Check our schedule for DATE AND TIME
  • 2 hours in length more or less
  • Served with SNACKS
  • Comfortably warm. Wear yoga gear, wear your pajamas, be yourself.

Space is limited: RSVP as soon as a PLAYSHOP is announced here and on our FACEBOOK page.

Our Playshops are constantly expanding; you'll never learn the same thing twice so keep coming, keep growing.