The Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal in Florence, Italy

What if you could push the RESET button on your body, your mind, your life?


As a yoga teacher for 45 years, people often ask me if it's too late to change their weight, their energy, their lives…. 

It’s never too late.

It doesn’t matter if where you are right now is overweight, overtired, overwhelmed.

It just matters that you start heading in the direction you want, right now.

What will matter in the end is what you chose for yourself, right now 

The Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal in Florence, Italy 

What I’m getting ready to share is personal and it isn’t for everyone.  

In fact, right now it’s only for one, single person Chances are, I know that person really well… You’ve woken up every morning, stared in the mirror and wished someone else was staring back. The body you see... you hardly recognize it. The energy you once had…where did it go? And why isn’t there ever enough time to do what you want? You still have big dreams… Travel to Tahiti, enjoy time with your children, grandchildren, and friends, go salmon fishing in Alaska, stay up Salsa dancing all night. But this life you’re wanting requires stamina, both physical and emotional. And you are directionless on how to ensure that life happens. That’s where I come in. 

Think of it as Self Empowerment 101

Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal is an intimate journey back to your authentic self.  

A Riverflow Renewal is not a typical yoga retreat or yoga vacation. Frankly you’re too busy for just another trip that returns you to the same old grind the moment you step off the plane.  

Instead I’ll lead you through an inner and an outer journey, with step by step techniques to transform your body, your spirit, your life into the one you deserve.  

What to expect...

  • HOT YOGA and MORE: Strong body, healthy attitude, for inner and outer vitality, the combination of daily Hot Yoga plus Yoga Nidra awakens your personal empowerment 
  • NOURISHMENT: Learn to enjoy food and eat happily in Italy, with meals prepared with local fresh ingredients, with love...and without guilt 
  • EXPLORATION: Florence, Lucca, Siena... the Renaissance towns of Tuscany embody the spirit of Renewal. We’ll explore them with wonder and abandon  
  • MEDITATION: How do you gain confidence in your decisions, in your actions, in yourself? Daily Blissful Alignment Meditation will teach you to quiet the noise and connect with your inner certainty 
  • INSPIRATION: Do you create life or does life happen to you? Blissful Warrior Workshops, based on my book, will teach you how to manage your life deliberately, even when life seems overwhelming
  • EXCURSIONS: A Tuscan farmhouse? A sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo? Leave the tyranny of the To Do List behind and be open to what’s beyond the schedule 

Is this the Renewal you've been waiting for?  

If you’re reading this, you’re ready.  

I know this Renewal can be a life-transforming experience for you. What wil experience?  

Find out about The Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal 2019 in Fiorence Italy right now

Click here for a FREE copy of my book, The Blissful Warrior, and find out what it feels like to be on a Riverflow Renewal 

Or, call me direct at 848-702-5271


What’s Included:

  • 7 days/7 nights accommodations at Palazzo San Niccolo, Florence, Italy: double occupancy private apartments - shared bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, kitchenette, dining room. An ancient palazzo updated with mid-century Italian flair….elegant Tuscan-style comfort  
  • 2 Meals Daily (breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner)  
  • Daily Hot Yoga/Yoga Nidra classes  
  • Self Empowerment Meditation sessions  
  • Blissful Warrior Workshops: inspired by Rhonda’s book, The Blissful Warrior: Living the Paradox of Peace and Passion for Today's Empowered Woman, we’ll learn tools to understand, create and manage the life you want  
  • Hot Yoga Workshops  
  • Excursions into Tuscany  
  • Happy surprises  

Riverflow Yoga Blissful Warrior Renewal In Florence, Italy October 18 - October 25, 2019 Revitalize your body. Relax your mind. Reconnect with your life