About Rhonda

Rhonda Uretzky, ERYT-200 Author/Teacher/Head Hottie

I had already been practicing and teaching yoga for 20 years when I wandered into a hot yoga studio, curious about this practice. I was a seasoned yogi, so, no sweat, right?

Well, within the first five minutes, sweat started rolling from my elbow tips. And - horrors! - I had to watch myself in the MIRROR! Halfway through I thought, “Never again.”

It's been 26 years, 3 times per week.

In my years of teaching, I've seen hot yoga stretch runners' hamstrings, ease arthritic joints, relieve sore knees and shoulders, build supple spines for thousands of my students... and more:

 Hot yoga is a detox for stress. A practice in emotional balance. What will it be for you?

For me, hot yoga is a lifelong gift of energy, flexibility and aging gracefully while exercising my passion to support others. At 61 years old I still feel like 25 inside and out.

Maybe your friends are making fun of you for even considering hot yoga. Maybe you're avoiding it because you "know" it won't work, just like everything else you've tried.

I'm here to tell you that you don't need to be flexible to do hot yoga -that's what you'll get. You don't need to be in "better shape," it will shape you up. You don't need experience; hot yoga is "the beginner's series."

You just need to begin.

It may take a few sessions to get the hang of it, but you will feel changes after your very first class. By your third class, you'll know for sure: it's working.

And if your goal is to touch your toes or your forehead to the ground, it's coming. If your goal is to de-stress, it's coming. If your goal is to sleep better and have more stamina, it's coming.

Keep your eyes and your heart open.

Keep coming and you'll see you're not too old, too late or too tired to feel the way you were meant to in the first place.

Welcome to Riverflow Yoga.

With small group classes and private 1:1 sessions, our personalized attention will get you where you want to be, no matter where you start ...

Just start now.


Of all the yoga I have practiced, hot yoga rises above.

There is something magical about the heat - this is true across so many cultures that employed heat to bring people to enlightened states of mind. And when you combine yoga with heat, there is an alchemy that is almost ineffable. Hot yoga helped me to truly let go and trust in life, even when things looked chaotic, and to truly experience that everything in my body and my life is always working out.

When the heat of hot yoga melts you - pose by pose, body, mind and spirit - you will find out who and what is underneath your  daily worry and stress.

It's you - the authentic you - the person you were meant to be and actually, already are.

Breathe. Keep your eyes open, follow the instructions,  look into the mirror and slowly, you'll begin to recognize yourself again - you're that person with the big dreams.

"My teacher Rhonda walks into class with the focus of a football coach on Super Bowl Sunday. Her passion and dedication are obvious. She is a strong lady who cares way beyond average for her students."

- Karen M, Riverflow yogi