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    RHONDA URETZKY,  Author/Speaker/Head Hottie at Riverflow Yoga

    I didn't plan to open a yoga studio, even after 40+ years of teaching and constantly being asked, "Where's your studio?"

    One day I moved from the suburbs of New Jersey to a barn by the Delaware River, and realized, "Hey, there's no hot yoga here."

    Many days later, I walked past an old red barn in town. That's how I opened Riverflow Yoga.

    The original call started further back

    Circa 1971, Rockaway Beach, NY. I am 14 years old, flipping channels on the black and white TV in my bedroom when I land on something called, Lilias, Yoga and You.

    Yoga...and me?

    There she was again the next night. And in the morning.  Lilias became my 6AM wake up call and my 11PM bedtime story. Lilias, my first yoga teacher, with her long braid and Danskin leotard, was guiding me to a galaxy far, far away.

    Somewhere out there I heard the mothership calling me home.

    Fast forward many years of practicing and teaching yoga  - 28 years later - I wandered into a Bikram Yoga studio. 


    Within a year, the studio owners had trained me to teach the hot 26 yoga sequence.

    Then I knew: I have always been a teacher

    For as long as I can remember, people have been asking me to how to feel better about themselves, how to feel more empowered and confident in their decisions.  I am not a therapist; I am a yoga teacher and within yoga, there are answers.

    The biggest answer of all is a question: what makes you happy?. Quiet the mind, and hear your heart. And things get pretty clear in yoga.

    Yoga can help you remember how to to find your way home to yourself.

    Yoga is not an escape from life. Yoga is a tool for living a happy life - the one you were meant to live.

    Yoga can remind you how.


    Of all the yoga I have practiced from Sivananda to Kundalini, it is the heat of hot yoga that stands apart.

    In hot yoga, I learned to trust my intuition and follow my inspiration. Hot yoga has supported me as I learned to let go, relax and trust that even when things looked chaotic, everything was working itself out. 

    If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, stuck in a life that has you wound up too tight, the heat of hot yoga can melt you, pose by pose.

    What's underneath? The authentic you - the person you were meant to be and already are.

    Follow your heart

    Breathe in. Keep your eyes open, look in the mirror and slowly, you'll recognize that person with big dreams. 

    Welcome home.

    You're never too old,  too late or too tired to get your life back.

    Welcome to Riverflow Yoga. Our hot yoga classes - Classic, Express, Bedhead and Music Hot Yoga -  are a strange mix of total bliss and absolute Warrior (I was cheerleader Captain in high school...let the jokes begin).

    You're in the right place

    You may think you're too late.

    Stop thinking so much.


    Start here.

    You are more than your beliefs, habits and excuses. You are way hotter than you think. 

    Come on in and let us help you turn up the heat in your life. 

    My teacher Rhonda walks into class with the focus of a football coach on Super Bowl Sunday. Her passion and dedication are obvious. She is a strong lady who cares way beyond average for her students - Karen Marino, hot yoga student at Riverflow Yoga