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    Head Hottie, Riverflow Yoga

    I didn't plan to open a hot yoga studio, even after 40+years practicing and teaching and constantly being asked, "Where's your studio?"

    One day I moved from the suburbs of New Jersey to a barn by the Delaware River, looked up and realized, "Hey, there are no hot yoga studios here."

    Many days later, an old red barn in town beckoned to me:  "Hot yoga studio."

    The original call started way back

    Circa 1971, Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY. I am 14 years old, flipping channels on a portable black and white TV in my bedroom when I land upon something called, Lilias, Yoga and You.

    Yoga...and me?

    There she was again the next night. And in the morning.  Lilias became my 6AM wake up call and my 11PM bedtime story. Lilias, my first yoga teacher, with her long braid and Danskin leotard, was guiding me to a galaxy far, far away.

    Somewhere out there I heard the Mothership calling me home.

    Many yoga classes, many teachers, many years of practicing and teaching yoga to friends and neighbors - twenty eight years later to be exact - and I wandered into a Bikram Yoga studio.


    Within a year, the studio owners had trained me to to teach hot yoga.

    Then I knew: I have always been a teacher

    Since then, I have taught yoga at many studios, schools and gatherings,  many thousands of hours to even larger numbers of students ranging from pre-K to seniors. I created Riverflow Yoga, Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training and Riverflow Hot Yoga Renewal in Greece to share the Big Message of yoga that I received:

    Life is supposed to be FUN.

    Serious, warrior, fun.


    Hot yoga helped me pull out the stops, break the rules, and consider that my life could be my choice. Always was.

    Hot yoga allowed me to listen and trust my inspiration. It encouraged me to make friends with the unknown. To let go already. To relax and trust that when everything looked chaotic, it was still alright. 

    Hot yoga allowed me to celebrate.

    This busy life, brought to us by well-meaning teachers, parents, colleagues and friends, has most of us holding on pretty tight. Yoga peels back that knot, pose by pose, thread by thread

    What's under the unravelling? The person you want to be; and already are.

    Follow the unwinding.

    Who were you before you forgot?

    When you were little, you were not afraid to be big. Then you grew up and, little by little you got smaller. Life became narrower. Less wants. more "shoulds." No choices. Fearing the changes. And oh, so exhausting.

    Motivation without inspiration.

    Hot yoga is a path home to yourself.

    You enter the studio and take in the heat, humidity, asanas, breath. Eyes open, look in the mirror and slowly, you'll begin to recognize who's staring back: that little person with the big dreams. 

    Hot yoga is a trial by fire that can transform your body and your life. It did for me and for countless numbers of my students.

    You're never too old to start yoga and restart your life. 

    Why wait 40 years? I want to share with you what a lifetime of yoga has given me right now.

    Ready to unlearn stress, anger, worry, overwhelm, exhaustion?

    Welcome to Riverflow Yoga. Our hot yoga classes are a strange mix of heat and humor, strict guidance and fun, total bliss and absolute Warrior (I was cheerleader Captain in High School...let the jokes begin).

    You're ready for yoga

    You may think you're "too late" to begin.

    Stop thinking so much.

    Don't be afraid to give yourself everthing.

    My book, "The Blissful Warrior: Living the Paradox of Peace and Passion for Today's Empowered Woman" is about living the spirit of passion, purpose and peacefulness. You can do it.  It's your birthright.

    Life is elaborate. Yoga is simple.

    Show up and you show yourself that you are bigger than your limiting beliefs, your habits and excuses, even your aching body. You are hotter than you think. 

    Ready to turn up the heat? Sure you are.

    My teacher Rhonda walks into class with the focus of a football coach on Super Bowl Sunday. Her passion and dedication are obvious. She is a strong lady who cares way beyond average for her students - Karen Marino, hot yoga student at Riverflow Yoga