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    Head Hottie, Riverflow Yoga

    I didn't actively plan to start a hot yoga studio, even after 40+years practicing and teaching and talking about yoga and constantly being asked, "where's your studio?"

    One day after I moved from the suburbs of New Jersey to a barn by the Delaware River,  I looked up and realized, "Hey, there are no hot yoga studios here."


    Walking by an old red barn in my new little river town, I peered inside, and heard: "Hot yoga studio."

    Finally, the message landed.

    But really, the call started way further back

    It's circa 1971, Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY.

    One night, flipping channels on my black and white TV, I  saw Lilias Folan doing this thing called yoga.  I joined her. I looked for her again the next night. Then in the morning - there she was.  Suddenly yoga my 6AM wake up call and my tuck me in at 11PM. Lilias, with her long braid and Danskin leotard, was my Guru before I knew what a Guru was.  She was taking me to a galaxy far, far away from Queens NY to a place I hadn't been before.

    Or had I?

    Somewhere out there I heard the Mothership calling me home.

    I was fourteen

    From that day on, I was all about yoga  - Sivananda, Iyengar, Kundalini, Vinyasa. Not consistently. Not all the time. But there is always was in the background, a place I found under me through marriage, children, mortgages, worries, seemed to be there when all else was shakey.

    Some twenty eight years later, I  wandered into a Bikram Yoga studio.


    Within a year, the studio owners asked me to teach and trained me in the hot yoga series.

    That's when it finally hit me: I have always been a teacher

    Having taught at many yoga studios, many thousands of hours teaching students from pre-K to seniors,  as Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200, Certified Radiant Child Yoga, creator of Riverflow hot yoga and all it's permeations including Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training and Riverflow Hot Yoga Renewal in Greece,  here's my yoga message:

    Life is supposed to be FUN.



    Yoga has always been about pulling on the threads that hold things together.

    Who needs to hold it together anyway? 

    When I practice hot yoga, I glimpse all the pieces out of order. The chaos makes sense: letting everything fall where it may.

    Maybe your life, brought to you by well-meaning teachers, parents, colleagues and friends, has become a bit too tightly wound. Maybe you're ready to untie that knot in your gut and find a calmer, happier, authentically blissful you.

    Follow that feeling, with all your heart.

    I teach hot yoga to help you find your way home, to that part of your Self that knows who you are is already worthy. Nothing to prove. Everything to enjoy

    Hot yoga reminds me to play BIG

    You used to play big. We all did.

    The last time you were big was when you were little: age 5 or less.

    You were huge then; you just didn't know it.

    I's not your fault. The "big" people - the adults - told you that you had a lot to learn, and it was their job to teach you. You listened, and you learned. And as you grew bigger, your dreams became smaller, dimmer, gone.

    Your Big Dreams are waiting for you to let go of everything you were so carefully taught, and get back to what you always knew. Back to your Future.

    Yoga can take you there. You can start with yoga inside the studio...and then there is the yoga of living the Blissful Warrior outside the studio: the impassioned, empowered life where everything is happily possible and available for you to create, and experience.

    You are doing this at all times. The Blissful Warrior is simply aware of it.

    You're never too old to start back to your Big Life. 

    You are invited to begin the quiet challenge with hot yoga,  at Riverflow.

    Life is supposed to be fun.

    I don't want you to wait 40 years to get it. I want to teach you all that a lifetime of yoga has given me about  fun, about living the life you really want.

    I'm a newbie. Just like you.

    Yoga is 5000 years old; anyone who says they're an expert is either exaggerating or an amazing Time Traveller. 

    But yoga is also ageless. Start anytime and you're right where you should be. 

    Starting yoga late in life? No need to lament any lost time. You can get to anyplace you want from wherever you are right now.

    That's yoga. And that's hot.

    My hot yoga classes? Imagine a strange mix of total relaxation bliss and absolute Warrior (I was cheerleader Captain in High School...let the jokes begin).

    Get ready to pull on the thread that hold together everything you were taught, everything you think you know, everything you may have been talked out of long ago.

    Yoga is home.

    For now, I also call Lambertville, NJ, my hometown (I'm a New Yorker, originally from Queens). Plans are in the making for Riverflow Yoga studios everywhere including Florence, Italy and for a global Riverflow Yoga Community where we can all inspire the Blissful Warrior in each other.

    Life is elaborate. Happiness is simple.

    Show up and show yourself that you are bigger than your excuses. Stronger than any obstacles. Hotter than the fire or the frying pan.

    Once you get the hang of it, living hot is just plain cool.

    Let me tell you a little something about my teacher Rhonda; if you think she has eyes in the back of her head, guess what: she does. She walks into that class with the focus of a football coach on super bowl Sunday. Her passion and dedication to hot yoga are blaringly obvious...You would think it is her job alone to carry you to the end of class.... She is a strong lady who cares beyond the norm for her students - Karen Marino, hot yogi