Riverflow Yoga Training is about to change your life


  1. Complete 20 Hot 26/ Bikram style classes prior to starting  Teacher Training.
  2. Submit Application or in-person interview as requested


  • WEEKLY COACHING: Attend up to two weekly live online coaching sessions up to 3 hours each. Dates/times TBD/subject to change.
  • ATTENDANCE: Do not miss more than 2 Coaching sessions. Make up missed sessions by watching recorded sessions and completing all assignments.
  • WORKSHOPS: up to 5 designated yoga workshops. Dates and topics TBD.
  • READING: Read all required books and materials
  • YOGA PRACTICE: Attend minimum 2 Hot-26 classes weekly at Riverflow Yoga or any approved Hot 26 or Bikram style studio.
  • ASSIGNMENTS:  Complete all weekly assignments online
  • FORUMS: Participate weekly in FORUM discussions
  • SCRIPTING:  Learn the specific  Riverflow Hot 26 Yoga pose scripts; post weekly videos
  • ACCOUNTABILITY:  Work with all Partner(s) as assigned
  • YOGA PROJECT: Create a FINAL PROJECT on an elective yoga topic, TBD.
  • STUDENT TEACHING: live student teaching as required.
  • These Teacher Training Requirements may be modified//expanded as needed during Teacher Training


  • 200 Hours of training
  • 20-22 weeks in duration
  • 8+ Teacher Training Modules: Plus Pre-Training module


Upon graduation, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Riverflow Yoga School, a certified school of the Yoga Alliance, making you eligible for RYT Registered Yoga Teacher designation from the Yoga Alliance



Participating in Riverflow Teacher Training does not guarantee you a Certificate of Completion; all requirements and assignments must be completed as per the standards of Riverflow Yoga School.

Graduation from Riverflow Yoga School does not guarantee a teaching position at Riverflow Yoga or any other yoga studio.  After graduation, additional student teaching hours and more may be required in order to be considered for teaching at Riverflow Yoga.

No refunds are available once Teacher Training officially begins (immediately following Pre-Training Module.) Refunds are available up to 10 days prior to the official start of Teacher Training as follows: full refund less $89 cancellation fee.

This Teacher Training is not transferable and cannot be shared.

It's just for you.

Riverflow Yoga School is not affiliated with any other Hot 26 Yoga Teacher Training including Bikram Yoga College of India or its affiliates.