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    What makes us Riverflow?

    Riverflow Yoga is hot yoga: 26+ poses done for 60 or 90 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity.

    What makes Riverflow Yoga different is not our heat; it's our warmth. 

    Welcome to a real yoga community

    Riverflow is a boutique yoga studio - a warm, personal place where you get individual attention to take you to the next level.

    Beginners, advanced, or somewhere in between, you'll be challenged and transformed at Riverflow - and always with a smile.

    And you can't wait to come back.

    Warm up to hot yoga with friends

    "Hey, Jamie, you made it!" "Welcome back Suzy," "How was your vacation, Zuke?" Walk in our front door and you're home.

    You're here to do hot yoga for the first time? You're already part of our community..

    Ask questions, enjoy snacks, get personalized attention from master teachers and fellow, friendly students. 

    At Riverflow, we want to show you how hot yoga can change your body. Your life.  Your job. Your relationships. You're about to discover how hot yoga can transform YOU, in every possible way.

    Come in from the cold

    Life is busy. Take a breath.

    Riverflow Yoga is time for yourself, and it's about time you felt good about yourself.  Pause and breathe.  Relax as we guide you through the poses and explain all the amazing benefits you're getting. 

    You deserve it.

    Our detailed instructions make Riverflow hot yoga a perfect fit for beginners or advanced yogis, whichever you are today.

    High heat + Hot yoga = sweat equity

    Some like it hot. We like it hotter.

    We crank up the heat to make-no-mistake-it's-hot-in-here 105 degrees, 40% humidity.

    What's the method to this madness?

    Your skin is your largest organ of elimination and sweating is purging. High heat also dilates your blood vessels; breathe deeply (we'll remind you) and increase the flow of richly oxygenated blood to every part of your body.

    Let the heat "melt" muscles, soothe stress, and allow you to stretch and flex with ease.

    Can you "overdo: hot yoga?  I don't know; can you over-enjoy?

    You're getting warmer...

    Riverflow Yoga is a sequence of balancing, stretching, flexing, and strengthening around a core of relaxation.

    Don't know the hot yoga poses? You're in luck.

    Put your mind on PAUSE and let your teacher be your guide. You're in good hands here.

    Move to a different beat.

    Our Music Hot Yoga is more demonstration than instruction, with musical accompaniment from Springsteen and Soul Train. Sometimes you'll learn new poses: Child's Pose, Cat-Cow, Bridge Pose, Cowface (it's a pose!),  Spinal Roll (sounds dangerous but it's heavenly) Boat Pose...and more.

    After 42 years teaching yoga, I know a few more than 26 poses. And I love surprising you.

    Sweat, yes. Strain, no.

    Riverflow Yoga is challenging, but easy does it.

    Determination, yes. Struggle, no.

    Our instructors will stand beside you, offer you guidance and encouragement...and opportunities for laughter.

    Here it's about sweating with a smile, perhaps taking yourself a bit more lightly.

    We don't believe in pain, but we will push you to your potential. Stay focused: eyes open, exploring each pose to the fullest today and give it your 100%. That's where the fun is.

    What happens in a Riverflow hot yoga class?

    • We set you up before the pose. Our nuanced instructions ease your body into poses without a struggle.
    • We time the poses from 10 seconds to one minute. Once you're properly aligned, holding the poses is a pleasure
    • We encourage AHA moments. AHA, I CAN touch my toes! AHA, I can bend back! AHA, my body feels beautiful. We'll help you find your moments in each pose.
    • We take the guesswork out of hot yoga. Follow our instructions to the best of your abiilty. No worries if you're new - there's nothing to figure out. Just listen and follow.
    • We welcome beginners. We encourage everyone to practice "beginners mind", no matter what your yoga level. Just start where you are.
    • We love Savasana: we rest between each pose. Time to breathe and bask.
    • We encourage you to choose Savasana instead of a more active pose, anytime. No judgements. After a Savasana, you'll be surprised how quickly you're ready to jump back to active poses.
    • We appreciate you: expect us to compliment you - we see how beautiful you already are and we see your progress the more you return - and we'll tell you so.

    Riverflow Yoga is the heat of the moment

    How far will you go today? At Riverflow you'll find out as you stretch and sweat safely supported by your hot yoga teacher.

    After class, relax with your yoga community. 

    Join a discussion about yoga and diet; stress relief and work; learn about Law of Attraction.

    Join our FACEBOOK page and discover cool tips for each hot yoga pose.

    What's a 30-Day Hot Yoga Challenge and how can it change your life? Ask us.

    What's Riverflow Membership? How does unlimited hot yoga PLUS Migun Massage for the same price as a 5 Class Pack sound? Ask us.

    Welcome to Riverflow Yoga Membership

    What to bring to Riverflow Yoga?

    Your smile, your yoga mat, your towel. and water. You're ready

    Our New Student specials let you warm up to hot yoga. Our Memberships give you all you could ever want from hot yoga, every month, plus hot perks. 

    Tell us your goals and we'll help you choose the option that suits you best, warms you most and heats up your life. Before you know it, you'll be wanting more.

    And we'll be here, with the heat on.