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    What makes Riverflow Yoga unique?

    Riverflow Yoga is dedicated hot yoga: 26 poses (with a few extra in our Music Hot Yoga class), 105 degrees for 90 minutes.

    What makes Riverflow Yoga different, though, is not our heat; it's our warmth. 

    More personal attention

    Our studio is a close knit community - maximum 30 students per class - with teachers who offer individual and personal attention designed to bring out the best of your abilities and then take you to the next level.

    Beginners, advanced or somewhere in between, expect to be both challenged and treated with lovingcare at Riverflow Yoga.

    Riverflow Yoga is your community

    "Hey, Julie, you made it!" "Welcome back, Ellen!" "How was your vacation, Zuke?" Walk in our front door and you're home. We're glad to see you and we're not afraid to show it: you are our hot yoga community. Come for the yoga; stay for the community. Ask questions, discuss your issues, enjoy snacks, share victories and receive personal tips and encouragement from your  teachers and your fellow students after class.  The continue the dialogue on our online yoga FORUMS, anytime of the day or night. You're about to discover how hot yoga can impact your life outside the studio. Your job. Your relationships. Your goals. This hot yoga community doesn't stop once you exit our studio. In fact, that's where it begins: you're about to discover how hot yoga can transform your life. That's our goal for you at Riverflow Yoga.

    "Is Riverflow a Vinyasa flow?"

    Vinyasa or Flow Yoga - poses that flow one into another - is a beautiful, almost dance-like hatha yoga and sometimes practiced in a room heated to 85+ degrees.

    At Riverflow, we pause between poses to explain your benefits and let you bask in them. We offer detailed instructions for each pose making it easy to follow along: perfect for beginners or advanced yogis, whichever one you feel like today.

    And we like it hotter.

    We crank the heat up to make-no-mistake-it's-hot-in-here: 105 degrees/F with 40% humidity. The benefits: whatever your ailment, you get to sweat it all out.

    High heat + Hot yoga = sweat equity. 

    Are you detoxing when you sweat? Some say no - but since the skin is your largest organ of elimination, I say yes, you are purging unwanted toxins through sweat equity. The heat also dilates blood vessesls and then, as you're breathing more deeply (we'll remind you), you're creating conditions for greater oxygenation as well as increased blood flow throughout your body.

    Our high heat will "melt" tight muscles, soothe your stressed mind, and allow you to stretch more easily. Can you "overstretch" in hot yoga?  I don't know; can you over-enjoy?

    "Is Riverflow Yoga like Moksha yoga?"

    No, but you're getting warmer...

    Moksha Yoga is a series of 40 yoga poses done in a hot room (still not as hot as we like it) beginning with Savasana, into standing pose stretches and onto a floor sequence of hip openers and spinal/upper body poses, and finally, a blissful Savasana.

    Riverflow Yoga also has standing balancing poses followed by back-strengthening floor series,  with relaxation poses like Corpse and Child's Pose between poses and at the end.

    In Moksha Yoga, you set an intention for your practice, engaging the mind before moving your body.

    At Riverflow Yoga, we ask you to put your usual thoughts on PAUSE for 90 minutes and focus only on the teacher's instructions; to simply feel good.

    Good feeling thoughts lead to good feeling bodies lead to a good-feeling life.

    Is this Bikram Yoga?

    Riverflow Yoga is not affiliated with Bikram Yoga. You'll see close similarities - but it's the differences at Riverflow that make all the difference.

    High heat/Low impact

    Bikram Choudury is responsible for adding heat to yoga. Along with his guru Bishnu Ghosh, he combined heat with the 26 pose sequence: heat plus asansas plus Savasana.

    At Riverflow Yoga, we like to mix it up a bit.

    Our Music Hot Yoga is the poses without verbal instructions just cool musical accompaniment, from Springsteen to Soul Train, plus additional poses: Child's Pose, Cat-Cow Stretch/Bridge Pose, Cowface (it's a pose!), Supine Spinal Twist (sounds dangerous but its heavenly), leg lifts, Boat Pose...and more easy stretches.

    After 40 years of yoga, I know a few more than 26 poses. And I love surprising you.

    Sweat, yes. Strain, no.

    Riverflow Yoga is challenging. But we believe in easy does it: determination, yes; struggle, no.

    Our instructors will stand beside you, offer a gentle hands-on, a whisper of encouragement...and some stress-busting laughter.

    We guide you carefully so you can get maximum benefit from hot yoga as you sweat, smile, and perhaps learn to take yourself bit more lightly, body and mind.

    Hot yoga warrior

    We don't believe in pushing you into pain, but we will push you to your potential. Stay focused; eyes open,  explore each pose to the best of your ability and give 100% today. You deserve nothing less.

    What happens in Riverflow hot yoga class?

    • We set you up before the pose begins. Our nuanced instructions help ease your body into the poses without a struggle.
    • We time the poses from 10 seconds to one minute. Once you're properly aligned, holding the poses is a pleasure
    • We encourage AHA moments. Aha, I CAN hold that pose! AHA, I can bend that way! AHA, it was my mind holding me back, not my body. We are all about the AHA.
    • We take the guesswork out of hot yoga. Follow our instructions to the best of your abiilty. No modifications, no excuses.
    • We welcome beginners. We encourage everyone to feel "new" to each class no matter how experienced you are. That beautiful Gumby - she's a beginner, too.
    • We love Savasana (eyes open) between each pose. Freeze like a statue. No fidgeting.
    • We encourage you to take a pose off/sit a pose out and choose Savasana anytime. No judgements. You'll be surprised how quickly you're ready to rejoin us in the poses again.
    • We appreciate you: so expect us to compliment you on your poses, your willingness to give it 100%, your showing up for class today.

    Riverflow Yoga is the heat of the moment

    Yes, Riverflow is outside your comfort zone. How far will you go today? That's your choice.

    At Riverflow, we'll help you relax, expand and open up new levels of your ability. Laugh, cry, get mad, develop patience, come out whole.

    Come to Riverflow to let go your limitations and all your old excuses. We'll guide you, with a a hot spot in our studio and warm spot in our hearts.

    What if you can't make it to hot yoga class?

    You can still enjoy yoga and feel the energy of the yoga community by joining in on our Riverflow Online Yoga Community. Learn more about yoga, the hot yoga poses, tips and secrets you can use in your next hot yoga class. Learn about yoga lifestyle - a diet to support you; how yoga can enhance your relationships; how to use the Law of Attraction. If you enjoy games and want a challenge, our Games and Challenges will give you action guides to transform yourself in many ways: self esteem, relationships, money and abundance, just about everything in your life.  FORUM discussions are the best - here, you can ask about anything and have the community answer and engage in lively discussions with you. So you never have to be without the heat of yoga and the warmth of a yoga community; it's in our hot yoga classes at Riverflow Yoga morning, noon and night; and in our online yoga community, 24/7.

    Let us show you how to turn up the heat in your life. We love to see you sweat - and we're just warming up.