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    "I love you, Riverflow Yoga!"

    "Last night my whole body was sore from a gym workout. My hips and hamstrings were tightest. 90 minutes of heat & humidity plus 50 oz. of water - I felt like a brand new me! This morning I could actually walk. Who knew 105 degrees could feel so good?" - Jaime Sisolack Cahalan

    Welcome to Riverflow Yoga. Follow these simple instructions and you'll be ready to take the heat.

    Eat, Drink and Be Hydrated

    Hydrate well throughout the day and continue right up until class.

    Rule of thumb: you need half your body weight in ounces of water daily to maintain baseline levels of hydration in your body. Drink at least this much throughout the day of your hot yoga class.

    Add coconut juice before class to boost your hydration and after class to rehydrate  - we sell Amy & Brian's brand at our studio; we think it tastes best.

    Eat no sooner than two hours before class and keep it light: toast, cereal, yogurt; choose healthy carbs and proteins but avoid fatty meats, and stay away from processed sugar and alcohol. Avoid caffeine.

    The perfect hot yoga food, before and after, is one of Jaime's Green Smoothies - find your new faves.

    Alternatively, a simple, nourishing snack is good an hour before class. Here are some favorites to try: 

    - Almonds or almond butter with Green Apple

    - Plain full fat yogurt with walnuts and cinnamon

    - Raw walnuts with a hard boiled egg

    - Kale chips

    - Green apple with cinnamon and walnuts

    - My personal favorite - a coconut (juice and meat! )


    Check into our Online Yoga Community and check out our healthy and easy (because who has time to cook after class?) recipes that will keep your hot yoga detox going after the sweating stops!


    Arrive early... relax instantly... rest quietly

    Arrive 20 minutes before each class.

    Check in, sip water, chat with friends in the reception area, then enter the yoga room quietly and stay relaxed in silence till class begins. Stay silent til you leave the yoga room at the end of class.

    Close your eyes, acclimate to the heat and de-stress. Class will start soon.

    Don't get left out in the cold

    Once a hot yoga class starts, we lock the outside door, so you can feel secure leaving your valuables.

    If you're running just a bit late, just call ahead and ask us to leave the door open for you - no longer than 5 minutes.

    Come in, lock the door behind you and join us in the heat.


    Hot stuff

    1. A large bottle of cold water to sip during class, and another for after class.
    2. Water ONLY in the yoga room; no colored beverages. After class we recommend Amy & Brian's Coconut Juice to hydrate ($3). We also sell water ($1).
    3. Water, yoga mat and towel into the yoga room...and that's it. No extra towels, clothes, etc.

    Whatever you bring into the yoga room must stay on your mat, so just mat, towel, water and you. We rent the right kind of towels ($1) and mats (rent for $2 or purchase an Anti-Microbial Yoga Mat from us for $40) Start a TAB ($20 or more) so you can rent/buy whatever you may need for every class.

    Dress for (hot yoga) Success

    Wear shorts, sports bra, bathing suit...very little clothing. Our favorite hot yoga clothes are Yoga Bela - good fit and coverage, breathability, great styles for men and women. They last through many washings. Check our boutique for the coolest hot yoga duds.

    Bring a dry change of clothes for after hot yoga class - strip off your dripping wet yoga clothes in the changing room, towel dry, and change back into dry clothing before exiting the yoga studio. Especially in the wintertime - don't go wet into that cold, cold night!

    Hot yoga health check

    If you are under a doctor's care, check with your doctor before starting hot yoga. If you have any health issues, get your doctor's OK.

    If you're pregnant, discuss hot yoga with your OB/GYN. Many women who were hot yoga students before pregnancy continued their hot yoga practice all the way through delivery, and report a wonderful experience, including my hot yoga teacher Michelle, and our Riverflow hot yoga teacher, Jaime, who shared her hot yoga pregnancy with us (read all about it!).

    There are modifications to the poses to accomodate a growing belly, but always do what feels right for you!

    Talk to your hot yoga teacher

    Before class, feel free to talk to the hot yoga teacher about any ailments - we can show you some modifications - but mostly we're going to tell you to do each pose to the best of your ability which means simply follow our instructions, and NEVER push into pain. Give each pose 100% effort exactly as we instruct, and you'll see results soon enough (be patient; be diligent; smile a lot!)