Payment Plan

You're excited about hot yoga

You love to uplift others

You want to do what inspires you       


Now is your  time

Designs01(1)You are meant for this moment

The present is too precious to waste, to want, or to wait.

You deserve to live all your dreams, starting now

"But can I afford it?"

Definition of A Smart Investment: when the value you gain exceeds the cost you paid

"I see the, how can I afford this price?" (scratching head or rubbing chin)

In Teacher Training you will learn how you create your reality - and that every question you ask has many answers:

SOLUTION #1: 2 or 3-payment plan

Make 3 equal monthly payments starting 3 months before Teacher Training. $150 fee. Contact me to arrange.

SOLUTION #2: Leverage a 12-18 month payment plan: no fees, no interest.

The right kind of credit is called a smart investment.

CHASE SLATE offers you the leverage: a 0% credit card -  INTEREST FREE for up to 18 months -  a savvy "payment plan" for your life plan

How to gain financial leverage:

  • Apply for 0% CHASE SLATE for the full amount of Teacher Training...or preferably more
  • Get approved on the spot (apply by phone)
  • Pay for Riverflow Teacher Training on your new 0% credit card
  • Divide the balance over 12-18 months with 0% interest
  • Budget and pay your CHASE card on time monthly (automatic bank withdrawal) in full before the 0% interest rate ends
  • Boost your credit rating!

FOR EXAMPLE: pay $235/month for 18 months and you are paid in full on full $3997 tuition for Riverflow Teacher Training before the 0% interest rate expires

Rhonda 0114webBONUS: Riverflow Yoga Blissful Training is a 16 week program which means you may be teaching hot yoga BEFORE your credit card needs to be paid in full; you could be paying your Teacher Training tuition with new income. (No guarantees but at Riverflow do love hiring our graduates!)

It's easy to apply: call for instant approval at CHASE ONLINE

What if your credit line is less than the cost of Teacher Training?

If you start with a small line of credit, ask for an increase. If you are paying on time monthly, chances for increased credit are very good.

It's your hottest investment:

Teachers at Riverflow Yoga get FREE UNLIMITED hot yoga classes and Migun Massages. Think of what you'll save....

Add that to your pay as a yoga teacher, and things add up nicely, right from the start

10_Signs_Youre_Ready_to_be_a_Hot_Yoga_TeacherAnd that's just the start of your payback ...

You'll feel appreciation from your students

You'll gain the satisfaction of supporting people to realize what they never thought possible

You'll be part of the family, community and lineage of yoga

You'll look forward to teaching yoga as the best part of your day

Your investment in Teacher Training is priceless - and you're worth it.

I invite you to find out about joining the next Riverflow Yoga Teacher Training

Early Registration Discounts.  Registration is limited. Applications required. Love of hot yoga mandatory!