Our Yoga Community

What is the Riverflow Yoga Community?

When I began practicing yoga in 1971, I felt pretty isolated. There were precious few yoga studios and only in big cities. Few people had even heard of yoga.

Today there are more yoga studios than Starbucks! More people doing yoga for the first time, more people doing yoga as a daily practice.

But today there seems to be less time. Life is busier,  crazier and even though there are more ways to connect with each other in person or on the Internet, there seems less time to enjoy life. We begin the day with a To Do List and spiral into overwhelm.

You're  never too busy, too tired, too old or too late to change your body, your mind or your life...

Hot Yoga is about to change everything

Let's start at the beginning...

I've been practicing and teaching yoga for 45+ years and I am still surprised at how yoga can instantly transport me,  how much closer it can move me to where I want to be and what I want to feel, every time I practice. Just one yoga class is all it takes to begin to  feel whole again.

I've taught yoga to all ages, from pre-school to seniors and I am constantly amazed at how quickly people transform  - physically, emotionally, and spiritually - and become empowered to do what they never thought possible with their bodies, and to feel differently about their lives as a result. Hopeful. Healthy. Happy

Welcome to this Riverflow Yoga community

Hot Yoga for the body: flexibility, strength, toning...

Hot yoga is challenging, uplifting, empowering. Even after your very first hot yoga class, you can feel changes in your body, and in your overall sense of well-being. Three hot yoga classes weekly builds a foundation for those changes to stick and, after six months of consistent practice, you'll feel a total transformation, inside out, from bones to skin.

Hot Yoga for deeper healings...

It's hard to describe what happens when the benefits of hot yoga go beyond skin-deep. Find out for yourself ...and I'll let the words to describe it

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Find yourself in our hot yoga community....

Now is where all your power is. What if you could write a whole new story about your body and your  life?  What will that story be about?  Whatever your goals, you'll get there faster with support. Surround yourself with a supportive yoga community here at Riverflow Yoga and let's get there together.

What else will you find at Riverflow Yoga?

GURU HOT  YOGA SESSIONS:   Learn to stretch without struggle out of every stretch as we teach you all the secrets to aligning your body so that each hot yoga poses becomes a pleasure.

That's what our Guru Hot Yoga sessions are all about

Add a weekly or monthly 1:1 private Guru Hot Yoga session to your current schedule and open your eyes - and your body - to how good each pose can feel, how much further you can go, and how much faster you can reach your goals.

Bring your questions.  Show us where you're stuck. Let our master teachers demonstrate and teach you to get the most from every hot yoga pose and reach your personal goals for strength, flexibility, weight loss, balance and more! Contact RHONDA to arrange


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Find your way back home  to your best feeling body, mind and spirit, among like minded friends, in your new Riverflow Yoga community.