Our Hot Yoga Classes

What is the Riverflow Yoga Community?

When I began practicing yoga in 1971, I felt pretty isolated. There were precious few yoga studios and only in big cities. Few people had even heard of yoga. Looking around today, it's hard to believe.

Today there are more yoga studios than Starbucks

But life is also faster, busier,  crazier and even with all these choices, there seems less time to enjoy it. We begin each day off balance and spiral down from there.

If you think you're too busy, too tired, too broken to begin,

get ready to change that thought, starting now....

And start to change your reality.

Let's start at the beginning...

I've been practicing and teaching yoga for 40+ years and I am still surprised at how far hot yoga can take me from wherever I am, and make me feel whole again.

I've taught yoga to all ages, from pre-school to seniors and I am constantly amazed at how people transform - physically, emotionally, and spiritually - and become empowered to do what they never thought possible with their bodies, and with their lives.

Welcome to your goals. Your experience. Your best life. That's Riverflow Yoga

Hot Yoga for flexibility and strength...

Hot yoga is a challenging, uplifting experience. Even after your very first hot yoga class, you may feel changes in your body, sense changes in your overall well-being. Expect things to get better from there. Three hot yoga classes weekly and you'll have built a foundation for a total transformation, inside out, from bones to skin.

Yoga Deep for deeper healings...

It's hard to describe what happens when the benefits of yoga go beyond skin-deep. Find out for yourself in our YOGA DEEP classes...and I'll let the words to describe it come from our devoted Yoga Deep student, Phyllis:

Adobe Spark(6)

Find your balance.

Forget about your past limitations; yoga is You, right NOW.

HOT YOGA and YOGA DEEP classes, yoga posture clinics and  special workshops; Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training;  and Riverflow Yoga Renewal trips...dive in and start where you are.

It's never too late to find your way back to your best feeling body, mind and spirit.