Our Hot Yoga Classes



Riverflow Yoga is the perfect hot yoga spot for you, whether you're feeling a bit nervous or you're already a confident yogi. This isn't just yoga classes - we're a yoga community

Yoga is at least 5000 years old - which makes us all beginners.

24 You will find students at all levels in every Riverflow Yoga class. Yes, we always have beginners in class, and we welcome you!  We all practice this yoga together beautifully,  with our dedicated teachers focusing attention on everyone individually.

How do we do it?

At Riverflow Yoga we offer careful instructions to ensure alignment and deep breathing to support safe movement. Depth in the poses comes later (sooner than you think!) Just follow our instructions  to the best of your ability, and know that you're getting 100% of the benefits

Yoga is about taking time for You

Hot yoga at Riverflow Yoga is not about 7struggling or competing - not even with yourself  - it's about self soothing and self-care, especially when life feels challenging. Yes, hot yoga can also feel challenging at first...but in a good way that makes you feel accomplished and empowered

It's a practice; it's not about being perfect

Keep your eyes and your mind open. You'll be encouraged to move, to stand still between poses, to breathe deeply, to rest, to move deeper when you're ready. It's about feeling good where you are, and feeling the progress you're making

Ask questions after hot yoga class; your teacher is waiting in the reception area, eager to speak with you as you enjoy our snacks of fruit, trail mix,  chocolate.

Riverflow Yoga is a warm, welcoming hot yoga community. Welcome home.



Arrive 20 minutes prior to class and lie down in the heat to prepare 

Practice silence once you enter the hot yoga room. Feel free to chat in the reception room and changing rooms

Come to hot yoga class well hydrated: half your body weight in ounces 17daily is a start

Bring a yoga mat, a towel that covers your mat (or you can rent or buy these here) and a bottle of water 

Drink ONLY water before, after, and during hot yoga - no colored beverages allowed in the yoga room - and add a dash of our Sea Salt Soleil to your water to help with hydration


You're a beginner:  Choose traditional CLASSIC HOT YOGA: 26 poses/90 minutes/the full body workout. For beginners and experienced yogis

You're pressed for time:  Choose our EXPRESS HOT YOGA, 26 poses/60 minutes;  you still get all the benefits of the hot yoga sequence. For beginners and experienced yogis

23You're ready to rock: Choose MUSIC HOT YOGA, 90 minutes to a rockin' playlist and minimal instructions Remember to take 6 CLASSIC or EXPRESS HOT YOGA CLASSES before you're eligible for this

You want to start the day hot: BEDHEAD MUSIC HOT YOGA: roll out of bed and into a 60 minute MUSIC HOT YOGA CLASS... after you've taken 6 Riverflow Yoga CLASSIC or EXPRESS classes first so you're familiar with the poses

You want deep meditative stretching:  YOGA DEEP.... slow, deeply held poses designed to stretch your body in a gentle heated room, with music and guided meditations to engage your mind and spirit13. An ideal way to start the day. YOGA DEEP stretches,  soothes you,  starts your day with calm focused mind and body.

You suddenly feel like hot yoga:  POP-UP MUSIC HOT YOGA: you won't find it on our schedule - always a surprise, usually later in the evenings, a hot yoga class pops up. LIKE our Facebook Page and get notified when these POP-UP classes appear

You want to perfect your poses: HOT YOGA POSTURE CLINICS are lots of fun: a couple of hours with even more  detailed instructions on the 26 poses that will take you further

You want more bliss in your life: THE BLISSFUL WARRIOR COACHING EXPERIENCE:  Join us for this online gatherings and discussions based on my book, The Blissful Warrior: Living the Paradox of Peace and Passion for Today's Empowered Woman, and explore all the ways to take the that feeling 11calm, peaceful,  and in control  out into your life where things may be just a little more hectic. Couldn't we all use a little more everyday bliss?

Hot Yoga For Your Group

Celebrate a special birthday, anniversary, wedding party, or just get together with a special group of friends and family and we'll create a hot yoga class just for you. Contact me and ask how we about hot yoga class geared for your group. CLICK HERE