Our Hot Yoga Classes


HOT YOGA! Riverflow Yoga is hot yoga for you,  whether you're a beginner or more advanced: we mix all levels of students in each CLASSIC and EXPRESS hot yoga class, and we provide the same careful instructions and personalized attention to everyone. You'll feel right at home in every class you choose

DEEP STRETCHING:  YOGA DEEP....a beautiful experience of stretching in the heat with special music and guided meditations to engage body, mind and spirit, to start your day blissfully

A LITTLE MUSIC:  MUSIC HOT YOGA and BEDHEAD HOT YOGA are 90 or 60 minutes of hot yoga done to relaxing or rocking music...different tunes every time!

TIPS AND HINTS: Arrive 2o minutes prior to class,  choose your favorite spot,  then lie down in the heat and relax. Come well hydrated.  Bring yoga mat, a towel that covers your mat (available at Riverflow). Drink water only in the hot roomThe call to feel good


You're a beginner:  the traditional CLASSIC HOT YOGA: 26 poses/90 minutes/the full body workout. For beginners and experienced yogis

You're pressed for time:  EXPRESS HOT YOGA, 26 poses/60 minutes; when your schedule is tight but you still want your hot yoga. For beginners and experienced yogis

You're ready to rock: MUSIC HOT YOGA: 90 minute hot yoga with a rockin' playlist Take 6 CLASSIC or EXPRESS HOT YOGA CLASSES first

You want to start your day hot: BEDHEAD MUSIC HOT YOGA: roll out of bed and into a 60 minutes of music hot yoga. Take 6 CLASSIC or EXPRESS hot yoga classes first

You want a deeper stretch:  YOGA DEEP is a way to stretch out and get energized in the heat, a deeply relaxing 60-minute meditative yoga journey to start or end your day

You suddenly feel like hot yoga: POP UP HOT YOGA: you won't find these on our schedule - LIKE our Facebook Page and you'll be notified when they pop up

You want to perfect your poses: HOT YOGA POSTURE CLINICS are 2 hours of master instructions,  tips and tricks to help you master each hot yoga pose and enhance your practice

You want more yoga bliss in your life: THE YOGA OF HAPPINESS: Join us for this workshop that takes yoga from inside the studio out into your life...

Yoga+pranayamaPRIVATE GROUP Hot Yoga

You run, hike, bike... Your football, softball, golf team needs an edge...You want to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary, wedding party. We can arrange a private hot yoga class geared towards the needs of your group. CLICK HERE