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    "What Can Hot Yoga Do For Me?"

    "Can hot yoga fix my aching body?" 

    Everyone knows about yoga

    Yoga can give you more flexibility, more energy, more balance. Whether you're an advanced yogi or just starting out, yoga offers many well-documented benefits ....and some amazing surprises. For your body. For your life.

    I should know...

    I've been practicing and teaching yoga for 40+ years and I've seen yoga heal many problems - physical, emotional, and spiritual.  For me, yoga has been a silver thread and, at times, my lifeline.

    I'm sharing my expertise to show you how to get everything you want from yoga...and some things you didn't dream were possible. 

    Some of the most powerful secrets of yoga lie beyond the poses. I started this Riverflow Yoga Online Community to share my insights, to answer your questions, to engage with you in meaningful discussions, to show you how to apply yoga to the life you really want, and I'm making this available 24/7,  in a warm, welcoming yoga community.

    Can yoga give you the life you really want? 

    "Can yoga support me?" 


    I hear questions like this all the time:

    "Can yoga ease my stress/help me cope/calm me down?" 

    "Can yoga make me patient, more successful, less crazy?"

    "Can yoga empower me, inspire me, invigorate my life?"

    My answers: yes, yes, YES!


     Welcome to Riverflow Yoga Online

    You’re never too old, too late, too tired to renew yourself. Riverflow Online Yoga Community is not just a "How To Do Yoga" site - there are plenty of those out there. This online yoga community is about answering, how can yoga enhance my life? How do I you bring  the power of yoga off the mat and into my life? Because I know that yoga is not just a series of poses for a healthy body. Yoga is a guide to getting the life you really want.  

    What's inside Riverflow Yoga Online?

    • Yoga, yoga and more inspiring yoga 
    • The yoga beginner - easy guidance
    • Advanced yoga: deeper yoga tips
    • Yoga Book Club: books that inspire
    • The benefits of yoga for diet, relationships, family, work and more

    ONLINE FORUMS: Lets talk about:

    • What is your best diet?
    • How to manage stress, ignore guilt, embrace change
    • How to create and enjoy  money
    • How to use the Law of Attraction
    • Maintaining healthy relationships
    • Parenting your children with joy
    • Finding meaningful work

    Exclusive articles that shed light on:

    • Parenting
    • Education
    • Family and relationships
    • Physical and emotional health
    • Stress relief
    • Much more; in fact all the issues of your life

    The best part is You

    Riverflow Yoga Online is a family -  a warm, welcoming community of like-minded people interested in your opinion on topics that interest you most - from hot yoga to real life - and supporting you through your life challenges.

    It's easy to participate

    Find the topics that interest you and click to add your voice. Or introduce topics you'd like to discuss. Our online community is your Yoga Mastermind, supporting each other to live your happiest life, the one you were meant to live. Yoga is our common ground - and, as a 40-year yogi, I know there's in much to benefit from in the practice, and more...


    Ready for more?

    Riverflow Yoga Challenges

    You're ready to take things to the next level, to make breathroughs in your life and make changes that stick...

    The Riverflow Online Yoga Community offers you Challenges: concrete action guides to transform your life in the ways you truly want, with the support of our online yoga community .

    What are some Riverflow Online Yoga Community Challenges?

    • Create your abundance
    • Manifest your special relationship
    • Clear your "Can't"
    • Create your Vision
    • And much more

    So long, small life!

    So... if you're ready for action, join our Riverflow Yoga Online Community. Get access to all the yoga articles, audios and videos. Whenever you're ready, take a challenge or two. And be part of an ever-expanding online yoga community!


    You're welcome in our hot yoga studio and our warm, vibrant Riverflow Yoga Community

    Ask questions, get answers.

    Make friends and feel supported.

    Benefit mind, body and spirit anytime with engaging articles, audios and videos addressing the issues of life.


    When you're ready for action, join in any of the our Riverflow Yoga Community Challenges - you're up for it, and we're rooting for you.



    Rhonda Uretzky, E-RYT 200, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

    • Founder,  Riverflow Yoga Hot yoga studio
    • Founder, Riverflow Yoga School
    • Creator, Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training
    • Creator, Riverflow Yoga Online Community

    PS: You're never too late to benefit from yoga!

    I'm inviting you to this unique Riverflow Yoga Online Community so you'll never feel alone - you'll have a yoga community around you at all times. The latest yoga articles, videos, audios, interviews and guides, all the yoga secrets I've discovered and applied to my own life in my 40-plus years of yoga, at your fingertips and in the company of friends. You'll be part of a caring yoga community with FORUM discussions to answer your most burning questions, 24/7. When you're up for a Challenge that will change you, choose your challenge and participate - we're all here to support you!