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    Only when you are extremely pliable and soft can you be extremely hard and strong - Zen proverb

    Are you hot for hot yoga?

    Has hot yoga rejuvenated your body?

    Has hot yoga reawakened your spirit?

    Can hot yoga transform your life?

    Discover a hot yoga teacher training

    that transforms you from inside out

    You love it. 

    You look forward to it. 

    You share it with everyone.

    You are officially hot for hot yoga.

    Now you're ready to turn up the heat

    Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training is an experiential Hot Yoga Teacher Training designed to inspire you, to empower you, to help you to guide others and embrace the power of hot yoga for yourself.

    Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training: part yoga teacher training, part personal development, all amazing. Re-energize, renew, restore yourself, right now. 

    To know what you want, to live from your heart, to move towards your dreams  in some way every single day...that's the gift of Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training

    Get ready for a new twist…

    Imagine living at 100%: feeling strong and balanced in your hot yoga poses...

    Imagine being part of a hot yoga community with more experience than just about any other....

    Imagine a treasure trove of hot yoga resources, at your fingertips, 24/7

    Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training will take you deeper, further, directly into the life you're ready for, right now.

    There are many good yoga teacher training programs; and then there is the one designed to bring out the greatness in you

    What's Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training?

    Get ready for something special: an interactive, experiential, personalized hot yoga journey into living with passion, finding your purpose, awakening the greatness within you - and something you won't find in other yoga teacher training: your heart's desires

    Because let's face it: you can get yoga "information" anywhere. Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training goes beyond content and expands your context, engaging you in the experience of what hot yoga can bring to your life. 

    Riverflow Hot Blissful Warrior Yoga Teacher Training offers you an understanding of hot yoga that you won't find anywhere else.

    With 40+ years experience as yoga teachers and mentors, we created Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training as a life changing experience.

    Coaching, Caring, Community.  You'll be surrounded and supported by a yoga community of students and teachers every step of the way. You'll have the opportunity to find your authentic self through hot yoga. You'll have full 24/7 access to our interactive yoga community and our ever-expanding resources on asana, yoganatomy, mindfulness, teaching yoga, yoga philosophy and much more.

    But don't take our word;  hear what others have experienced. Then experience if it for yourself.

    Ready to embrace your *Blissful Warrior?


    *What is a Blissful Warrior: someone who can combine peacefulness and passion, to live your dreams, surmount all obstacles and never give up...on yourself.




    Now you're cookin'...

    What Do Graduates Say?

    "Not only did I grow my yoga practice, I experienced so much personal growth.  Riverflow Teacher Training made me a better teacher in the yoga room and a warrior in so many other areas of my life." Jaime Cahalan, 2011 Graduate

    "I recommend Riverflow Yoga teacher training for anyone who wants to stand up to your biggest critic -yourself." Amy Kyle, 2012 Riverflow Graduate

    "Rhonda was a tough, patient and caring teacher- a true guru. She believed in me before I did. Now I own my own yoga studio."  Dawn Lowe, 2010 Riverflow Graduate, Owner/Dreamcatcher Yoga, PA

    "Rhonda and Carly always gave me such motivation and support. Riverflow Yoga Teacher Training changed my life." Alyssa Marx, 2012 Riverflow Graduate 

    "This teacher training more than met my expectations - I loved the Abundance Challenge, the Universal Manager...  I finally feel immersed in a life I can embrace." Alexandria Savastano, 2013 Riverflow Graduate

    Marguerite Hellwich, 2014, tells what inspired her, what challenged her...

    ...and what changed her during Riverflow Hot Yoga Teacher Training



    • HOT YOGA: 26 asanas; pranayama; savasana and more

    • Teaching Methodology: scripting, timing, powerful delivery of the hot 26 sequence

    • Teacher Presence: voice, body language, confidence

    • Yoga Teacher Ethics: Compassion, cooperation, caring

    • Student support: Managing ailments, adjustments, injuries

    • Yoga Anatomy: experiential understanding of asanas and the body

    • Yoga Chakras, Koshas, Eight Limbs: experiencing the subtle energy bodies 

    • Yoga Books: discussions of classic and modern texts

    • Yoga Dynamics: applying yoga off the mat and into your life

    • Yoga FORUMS: interactive yoga discussions

    • Yoga Workshops: changing topics in yoga

    • Yoga Teaching Practicum: hot yoga teaching practice

    • Yoga Mentoring: One-on-one and group coaching

    • Yoga Electives: special topics in yoga

    •  ...and much more

    What are you reaching for?

     To uncover deeper understanding of yoga and yourself

    √ To appreciate and express your authentic self

    √ To awaken your sense of confidence and empowerment

    √ To engage in life and fully enjoy it 

    √ To inspire yourself and your students

    √ To understand and embrace your purpose, peace and passion


    Can We Talk? 24/7!

    One of the best parts of Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training is our supportive community: stimulating discussions on asanas, meditation, diet, spirituality, life goals, relationships, and so much more, with a close-knit yoga community inspiring and encouraging you.

    Who's Behind Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training?

    My name is Rhonda Uretzky.

    I am the owner of Riverflow Yoga, a hot yoga studio and Registered Yoga School (RYS200) that began in Lambertville NJ.

    I am a Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior.

    I started yoga at age 14 and have been practicing and teaching yoga ever since. Yoga has been a thread throughout my life for over 40 years and I've discovered its many secrets and joys from the inside. Today I am an E-RYT 200 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) and I have taught thousands of yoga classes and many thousands of students of all ages and levels.

    We're all beginners

    Over the years I’ve seen lots of misleading information out there by yoga experts about "right and wrong" ways to do yoga, who's in charge of yoga and what it takes to be a yoga teacher.  Great yoga teachers teach from the heart.  I train yoga teachers who are willing to be authentic; to uplift, inspire, and encourage themselves and others, each time they enter the hot yoga room to teach.

    For me, teaching yoga is a secret route to happiness, peace and passion. I will share every yoga secret I learned through the years, in Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training.



    Some Hot Yoga Teacher Trainings cost $11,000 or more. 

    We bent over backwards to make ours affordable.

    Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training is just $2997 plus just $9.97/month membership in the Riverflow Online Yoga community.

    This is frankly the best value in hot yoga teacher training you'll find anywhere ....not to mention the most flexible and most comprehensive. The moment you join, you're instantly at the hub of my warm, welcoming yoga community, filled with 40+ years of yoga wisdom.

    Raise Your Hand if You Like Guarantees

    I'm committed to over-delivering value.

    Join Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training now (remember, our low Introductory Price of $2997 will rise to $3397 one month before training begins) and here's my guarantee: if within 10 days of registering you're not convinced that we offer the best value in hot yoga teacher training, I will refund your fee (minus $69 cancellation fee). No questions. No hassles.

    I only want delighted trainees. My guarantee demonstrates my confidence in Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training. And in you.



    Joining now gets you in on the Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training at just $2997 PLUS access to all the resources in our Member's Only Yoga Community for just $9.97/month

    THIS SPECIAL PRICING won't last forever; but the education you get in Riverflow Teacher Training will.





    To Your Success,

    Rhonda Uretzky, E-RYT200,  Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training

    P.S. Remember, there's NO RISK. I stand 100% behind my guarantees.

    P.P.S. Don't wait...the $2997 price for Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training will increase to $3397. Get in at this limited offer of $2997 and relax; you'll have 10 Full Days after registration to be delighted with Riverflow Hot Yoga Teacher Training or we'll refund your money minus a $69 cancellation fee.  No questions asked. If you're serious about getting the full benefits of hot yoga and/or becoming a GREAT hot yoga teacher, Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training is for you.  

    P.P.P.S:  Still need convincing? Join Now with just a $500 deposit to secure your introductory price of $2997. Once tuition rises, the Deposit option will be gone as well. CONTACT ME to see if you are eligible for the $500 deposit plan.

    Life Responds When You Take Action...


    1. How long is Riverflow Hot Yoga Teacher Training?

    22 weeks of Teacher Training including 2 weeks of Pre-training and Final Graduation workshop.

    2. What are the requirements?

    • Attend a minimum of 3 hot yoga classes/week during teacher training
    • Actively participate in all meetings/ coaching/discussions/workshops/etc
    • Complete all Teacher Training assignments on time
    • Be flexible, be supportive of all other Teacher Trainees
    • Study and learn the 26 asanas as given
    • Make time for learning outside of teacher training meetings
    • Demonstrate ability to teach a hot yoga class before graduation
    • Submit a Final Yoga Project TBD

    3. What will I receive from Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training?  You will receive a Certificate of Completion from Riverflow Yoga School, a Registered Yoga School of the Yoga Alliance.

    4. What if I'm not good with computers? You're about to be; we'll teach you all you need to know to post assignments and participate in our forums, blogs, social media, YouTube videos. We'll guide you step by step.

    MORE QUESTIONS? Call Rhonda at (848-702-5271) or email me at

    Find out more about Riverflow Yoga Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training; it may just be one of the most important things you'll ever do...for yourself.







    10 Ways To Know You're Ready To Be A Hot Yoga Teacher

    1. You’re a hot yoga enthusiast. You look forward to your next hot yoga class. You know hot yoga will help you through whatever your issue of the moment is, so regardless of your excuses, you get to hot yoga. 

    2. You want to share hot yoga. You want to tell your friend with scoliosis, your sister with a torn cartilage, your cousin about to undergo back surgery, that hot yoga can help. You want to guide others to the benefits you found in hot yoga.
    3. You're curious about yoga. Where did yoga start? How can an ancient practice be so relevant to modern life? You want to know more!
    4. Your JOB is so OVER. Yes, you want income, but mostly, you want to be inspired. You secretly fantasize about quitting your JOB and finding work that you feel good about, like teaching hot yoga.
    5. Yes, you like people. You enjoy greeting people in yoga, engaging in yoga talk, encouraging the newbies in hot yoga. You enjoy the yoga community.
    6. You have something to say. Hot yoga has awakened something in you to share. You may not have a world of experience but you are coming from your heart.
    7. You’re ready to expand your life. Yoga teacher training can be an emotional rollercoaster, as you peel off the layers and reveal new parts of yourself. It’s enlightening. It's life affirming. It's challenging. This doesn't scare you because...
    8. You are a Warrior. Hot yoga has already taught you this. You have the spirit to go through the finish line. You are ready be who all that you know you are.
    9. You love to learn.  You are a lifelong learner. You want to do the Riverflow Virtual Hot Yoga Teacher Training for yourself; yet in the end, you know it will make you a better mother, father, spouse, friend, employee, boss....human.
    10. You invest in yourself. You know that your investment in hot yoga teacher training is an investment in yourself that will pay you back many times over.

    Teaching Hot Yoga can take everywhere you want to go....and further than you ever dreamed.