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*3 Hot Yoga Classes +1 Migun Massage = $69

*both INTRO offers include a free personalized Yoga Consultation. Hot yoga sessions and Massages scheduled over 2 weeks

How do you take care of You? 

Start by carving out time to not do your To Do List.

Just for today, let everything else take care of itself.

Just for today, let every cell in your body breathe.

What is Hot Yoga?

Flexibility and strength ...

Balance and stress-relief ... 

What you want most, hot yoga can deliver

But don't take our word 

Take 3 small-group hot yoga classes 

Or 3 private 1:1 hot yoga sessions 

plus a luxurious Migun Table Massage

 to experience a personalized bones-to-skin workout  

What will change? Only everything ...

What's Included in your Hot Yoga INTRO:

3 Small Group Classes or 3 Private 1:1 Sessions  

  Hot yoga x 3 sessions to feel more flexible, less stressed  

A Migun Massage

Migun Therapy Table acupressure massage to release tightness and tension  

A Yoga Consultation

A personalized consultation to set goals and get results 

Meet Rhonda Uretzky Author/Teacher/Coach at Riverflow Yoga

Often, when we have the least free time is precisely when we need it most.

Today, take one small step in the right direction

After 45 years of teaching yoga, I can tell you that if you make self-care a priority it will become a habit, and then part of your routine. 

Don't be surprised when our premiere hot yoga studio becomes your spa, your sanctuary. your sacred time you won't want to be without ...

Because feeling good in your body is the key to feeling better in your life.  

What People Are Saying:

Christabel F.

"I started hot yoga to feel my active body again. In hot yoga, I came out of the trauma of menopause. I found my joy. My spirit. And for the first time in my life, I have time for me."

Katherine M.

" It's really true what Rhonda says: keep coming to hot yoga, and you'll get what you want from this practice ...and so much more. I truly love hot yoga and the changes it makes to you both on the inside and out."

Janice P.

" I didn’t start out able to perform all 26 poses...this non-competitive community of friendly fellow yogis gave me the space I needed to push myself at my own pace far beyond where I ever thought I would be! It's a warm, inviting place where teachers weave in messages about the beauty and balance of the Universe, which brings me back to center, and gives me benefits far beyond time spent in the room."

Ian S.

"Hot yoga is a wonderful balance of both pushing your mind and body, while at the same time relaxing them both. It strengthens all those joints and muscles that the rest of my workouts tend to neglect... Hot yoga brings my brain and body back from all the things that can throw them out of sync. It's a reset button that keeps everything grounded."