Intro Special

Intro Special:

2 Weeks Unlimited Hot Yoga

+ 1 Warm Migun Massage

+ a 1:1 Yoga Consultation


Your family, your friends, your doctor has been telling you:

You've got to take care of yourself.  

You want physical strength... You need mental clarity ... It's been way too long but it's not too late To stretch your body and find your balance Healthy body... focused mind ... Hot Yoga. You're never too late, too old, or too tired For the blood pumping, body sweating, energy flowing challenge That will bring you back to life  

What is Hot Yoga?

You’ve heard about hot yoga. Maybe you’ve been thinking about trying it, maybe for a while now.  

At Riverflow Yoga, we make it easy for you to take the first step Starting with a Yoga Consultation We'll show you how hot yoga works for everybody, and specifically for your body. Hot yoga will get you toned up and calmed down, Feeling balanced, refreshed and renewed from bones to skin. Because it's more than just exercise; it’s a whole body reboot Whether you're here to lose weight or find relief from stress, We're here to make sure you get the results you want And the good-feeling body you deserve

You're New to Riverflow? You get:

  • 2 Weeks of Unlimited Hot Yoga: for flexibility that just won’t quit 
  • A Migun Massage: melts away muscle tightness and stress
  • A Yoga Consultation: get personalized attention to your goals  

A $218 Value - for just $79!*

*new students only - limited time offer