How to Renew Yourself

How to Renew Yourself

what-do-you-wantTo quote Oscar the Grouch of "Sesame Street," I love trash.

Don't get me wrong - I also love purging: cleaning out the basement,  emptying the attic. And when it comes to old clothing, anything ripped, stained or the wrong size is history.

But I also love finding treasure in what others toss out.

Recently I inherited a set of diningroom chairs from my mother, who passed away in April.

Actually the set was originally mine. I gifted it to Mom when she moved to a retirement community 15 years ago. She had always admired it: French Country, whitewashed pine, delicate and different from the dark wood and heavy Mediterranean style in her old life. It seemed to represent a light, new start for her.

When she passed, I felt that she was gifting the chairs back to me, encouraging me to look again at something I may have missed.

So I repainted the chairs, gilding each a different color: gold, copper, bronze, silver, opal.

That's the thing about seeing something old in a new light: it instantly revitalizes you.  As you are appreciating,  you are powerfully focused right here, right now.

Now is where your power is.

Sometimes, my dear Riverflow yogis, you are given to complaining about yourselves; you feel badly when you fall out of a pose, or fall out out of the yoga habit, or have "fallen off the wagon" and stopped taking care of yourself. Then you agonize over how hard it will be to get back to hot yoga,  feeling sad for how much ground you have lost.

Nonsense.  Look again and see the treasure inside you, waiting to be renewed.

You are right here, right now. You have lost nothing. Now is where your life takes place.

Now is always the best time.

Take now for yourself. You have all the time in the world. This time is called Your Life.

Even if you have a To Do list of responsibilities and throngs of people depending on you, renewing yourself now is the best thing you can do for them.

But don't do it for them. Do it for yourself.

In a letter to the poet Emily Dickinson, her friend wrote, "When you are what men call dead, you will be sorry you were so stingy."  Not stingy with others, but with yourself; stingy with all the things that gave you pleasure, the things that made life fun, the things you came here to experience.

Be generous with yourself. Don't be afraid to give yourself everything you want in life. Renew your dreams, see yourself in a new light. Give in and appreciating. Your power to have it all is more powerful than you can imagine.

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  1. Good Job, excellent article, i loved it the way that you explained,

  2. Great!

  3. This furthers the conversation we were having during our online meeting on Sunday, March 12th. “Be selfish.” That statement in and of itself is seen as taboo. We are taught not to be selfish: “think of others.” Although it is important to think of others, I am starting to see how important it is to think of myself too. We are taught to thank others, but we forget to thank ourselves. We congratulate others; but, again, we forget to tell ourselves “nice job!” We become accustomed to this thankless way of living, and we somehow tell ourselves that there is always improvement to be made. Sure, things can always be better; but perhaps it is the best it can be right now given a certain situation and place in time.

    I love this story about the chairs as it connects so perfectly to life. Sure the chairs functioned and looked fine; but with a color make over, they were a new, vibrant addition to your home. It is so easy to simply settle with something that works. Refurbishing and renewing breathes a whole new life into a quality piece.

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