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What is Happiness?

Science eventually catches up with ancient wisdom.

Yogis and Buddhists have long known that happiness is a state of mind. Now scientists have the studies and stats to prove it: people are happiest when they make the best of whatever they've got.  This scientist calls it "synthetic happiness" - the kind your mind creates when it adjusts to your situation.

I call it being in the vibration of happiness. You can always choose to be happy, and sometimes, that means imagining yourself in a situation that feels good even if it hasn't manifested yet.

Yogis knew another secret about happiness: it's all in your mind. Where you think, there you are. Your brain knows no difference between what you're picturing and what you're experiencing.

This TED talk notes that people who have more choices are less happy than those who make the best of even the worst situations; that being "stuck" actually means being happier in the long run.

What do you think?

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Standing Stillness

Some people call this "taking a pose off;" I say when you do Standing Savasana with focus on complete stillness, the light in you is never more "on." - Rhonda Uretzky

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Half Moon Pose – Ardha Chandrasana

Lock and lift: this is the secret.  Lock one part of your body into place and lift another. You'll feel both stretched to your max and completely relaxed.  It's exhilirating! Let go of stress in your  poses and then it releases its hold on your life.

- Rhonda Uretzky

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