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    If You Feel Hot Today, Thank Your HOT YOGA TEACHER

    Heat and humility; 100% commitment; a burning desire to make a difference. That's what it takes to be a truly great hot yoga teacher.

    That's a Riverflow hot yoga teacher

    Our hot yoga teachers are all graduates of our Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissul Warrior Teacher Training.  They'll guide you, take care of you, correct you, give you the kind of personal attention that gives you the full Riverflow hot yoga experience in every class. 

    In short, they know how to heat things up for you.

    Ready to transform your life?

    Start with your hot yoga practice.

    Then go deeper:

    Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training is for when you're ready to do what you love - in your job and in your life.  Part hot yoga teacher training, part life coaching, Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training will teach you how to deliberately choose to be blissful, every day.

    And then you can teach others.

    Rediscover your passion and your purpose in our next Riverflow Hot Yoga Blissful Warrior Teacher Training. Hear what our graduates say...then listen to your heart.  

    Introducing your coaches, guides and best friends at Riverflow Yoga: your teachers


    I grew up surrounded by yoga: my mother and sister are yoga teachers.

    I attempted a few hot yoga classes when I was 10 years old and again at age 16...but I was always more of a karate kid, so to speak. It wasn’t until December 2010 that I decided to re-try hot yoga, and it stuck! Then shortly after that, Rhonda approached me about becoming a hot yoga teacher.   I was shocked! I kept thinking, “how can I teach others who have been practicing for years?”  To this day I still have to fight those thoughts. But the more I practice, the more I learn that we are all teachers and we are all students. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been practicing hot yoga, it matters how dedicated, and passionate you are about your practice.  "Time," "inexperience", "not good enough to teach,"  these are just barriers we put up to separate ourselves. For me, hot yoga is an incredible 90-minute meditation that centers me, spiritually and physically. Outside the yoga room, I am an aspiring musician.



    Whether I'm navigating the streets of New York or a whittled path in the forest, hot yoga taught me to draw strength and happiness from myself rather than my circumstances. 

    A good teacher sees herself in her students and uses that perspective to cultivate compassion, understanding, and commitment. I am dedicated to helping change lives – my own included - in the hot yoga room, and I am honored to be part of the Riverflow community of Hot Yoga Teachers.  Outside the yoga room, I am a writer,  editor, cyclist, hiker, urban explorer, music-lover and adventure-traveler.



    I’ve always been healthy and active but living the “no pain, no gain” mentality left me barely able to walk let alone enjoy my life.

    During my recovery, I discovered hot yoga at Riverflow and haven’t turned back. I was amazed by the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional benefits that left me wanting moreafter each 90-minute, sweat-dripping class. I wanted to give back to others - corporate life was not so fulfilling. I joined Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training and it was life-changing.

    I am so blessed to give the gift of hot yoga to others and to be a part of the wonderful yoga community at Riverflow. I love that I can share my yoga wisdom and strength on this never-ending journey with my beautiful daughter as she grows up.



    For 30+ years, running was the only exercise that seemed to provide a much needed physical and emotional outlet. That is until I entered the rooms of Riverflow.  

    Both practice and teacher training have been transformative-physically, mentally, and spiritually.   I love that the practice of Hot Yoga is such a metaphor for life.   Standing still between the poses prepares me for stillness and quiet in a busy world so that I can be present to the messages that come my way.    When I stop struggling in poses or correct and go deeper, I am reminded to “let go” of my struggles outside of the room.   When I lock and lift muscles and limbs, I internalize my strength and value.   Staying in the room and breathing renews my faith and hope.    I carry lessons from the studio with me throughout my day and welcome the opportunity to share these as a teacher.




    I discovered hot yoga on vacation, and I never looked back.

    The stress relief, relaxation, rejuvenation, strength, balance, stability, endurance, flexibility, focus, concentration & meditation that I reached  in every hot yoga class was forever changing; on any given day I found hot yoga to be a direct correlation to my life.

    I found myself thinking, "I want to feel like that all day, everyday, not just in a hot yoga room."

    So I began teacher training with enthusiasm & excitement and sure enough, it renewed my entire life. Teacher Training transformed my mind, body & spirit and put me in a positive, peaceful place.

    I am passionate about everything I have learned, and I am honored to lead you through your practice and be part of your amazing transformation.