Hot Yoga: For Body, For Life

You are not too old, too inflexible, or too late.

You are far more capable than you know.

It starts with an attitude shift: there's nothing you need to change or fix about yourself. You are here exploring a new way to appreciate and enjoy yourself.

And it can be so much easier once you know the "sweet spots."  Sweet spots are moments of alignment with your authentic self. In yoga, these come from small adjustments in a yoga pose that can suddenly make you feel like Gumby...limitless, free and open, from the inside out.

In hot yoga,  learning the sweet spots is easy: just find a hot yoga teacher who can guide you there.

It took me 45 years of practice to discover these sweet spots on my own, and with support from some wonderful teachers and mentors and gurus, and I just love passing them on to you. It's simple. Just follow the pose instructions you'll hear in our hot yoga classes at Riverflow Yoga. You'll hear that sweet guidance whether or not I am your teacher, because all Riverflow Yoga teachers have been trained by me.

In case you'd like know about them in advance, here they are in writing, below, pose by pose for your perusal.

Read them, focus on them, consider these little hot yoga tips...but the best way to experience them is to show up in hot yoga class and try them.

There are no words to describe how sweet you'll feel.

PS - From time to time, we host special Riverflow Hot Yoga Posture Clinics, an afternoon of dissecting and reassembling each yoga pose and taking your practice to an even deeper level.  With a lot more fun.

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