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    Confused about what to eat before or after hot yoga class?

    Sure we tell you to eat lightly - but what does that mean exactly?

    Thanks to our Green Goddess Hot Yoga Teacher, Jaime Cahalan, who is also a graduate of the Integrative Nutrition Institute, you don't have to guess: when it comes to a hot yoga diet, you just cant beat a good shake. 

    These shakes are Jaime's special recipes are easy, healthy, and yummy. How many things can you say that about? Shake it up!


    Greenberry and Chocolate Shakeology 

    Here are my two favorite Shakeology recipes. 

    Chocolate Shakeology (this is exactly what you tried today): 

    1 bottle Zico Chocolate Coconut Water (or you can use Almond Milk) 

    1 banana 

    1 scoop (or packet) Chocolate Shakeology 

    2 handfuls frozen cherries 

    **Blend until smooth!  If you like peanut butter or almond butter, this smoothie is quite tasty with a tablespoon mixed in.  My favorite brand of Almond Milk is Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla.  For more green nutrients add a leaf or two of kale!**

    Greenberry Shakeology 

    10 oz. Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 

    1 banana 

    1 pear 

    1 scoop (or packet) of Greenberry Shakeology 

    **Blend until smooth!  For added nutrients, add a handful of spinach or arugula! ** 

    For more nutritional tips and tricks, please like my Green Goddess Health Coach Fanpage on Facebook! 

    Jaime :)




    Green Apple Juice 

    Green juice is an awesome way to get your nutrients.  With juice, you are extracting out all the fiber so your body gets to absorb nutrients with no work needed from your digestive system. Not only is green juice good for your insides but its great for your outsides.... You will see an amazing glow to your skin once you start incorporating juices.  Juicing is a blog post for another time but for now - here is a simple, easy recipe:


    - Bunch of kale (4-6 stalks, it doesn't go far) 

    - Celery (4-6 stalks, this will be your base and will go far)

    - Parsley (few handfuls, very cleansing) 

    - 1 apple 

    Put all ingredients through the juicer and enjoy! 

    TIP:  If you do not have a juicer, you can put your ingredients in a blender and then run through a strainer to extract the pulp.  Make sure you use a very, very thin screen or a nut milk mag.  



    Chocolate Almond Butter 

    I had this smoothie in between my 2 hot yoga classes today.  It replaced my electrolytes from the first class and gave me energy for the second class!  So good! 


    1 bottle Chocolate Zico Coconut Water 

    3 oz. Almond Milk 

    2 tablespoons Organic Almond Butter 

    1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology 

    1 banana 

    Put all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.  Fill a 32 oz. mason jar and take with you to the studio! 


    Jaime :) 


    Frozen Pineapple Spinach

    After hot yoga today, I was CRAVING a green smoothie.  After 11 days in a row of different smoothies througout the day, I can tell my body is really starting to crave the nutrients.  I stopped at Big Bear Natural Market in Lambertville and they had some fresh, local spinach.  It was so vibrant green I couldn't wait to get home and drink it up! 


    - Fresh spinach 

    - 2 large handfuls frozen pineapple 

    - 1 banana 

    - 1 handful frozen mango 

    - 8 oz. of water 

    Fill blender with spinach and add water.  Blend until smooth. 

    Add banana, pineapple, and mango and blend again. 

    Pour into your favorite glass and serve with dinner. 


    Jaime :) 


    Peaches and Cream 

    This morning I was really craving a jar filled with kale!  That is all I wanted after 6:45am hot yoga class.  I mixed up this green smoothie and had a couple clementines and was good to go until lunchtime!  Great way to start the week. 


    - Organic Leafy Kale 

    - Frozen peaches (couple handfuls) 

    - 2 bananas 

    - 8 oz. water 

    - couple cubes of ice 

    Fill blender with kale, water, and ice. Blend until smooth. 

    Add peaches and bananas. Blend again. 

    Fill a 32 oz. mason jar and enjoy your day! 

    I love that the peaches and bananas do not take away from the color of the smoothie.  It was really vibrant green this morning!