Heat Up October

Hot Yoga


3 DAYS ONLY! OCT. 9th-11th

What can you do today to demonstrate ownership over your life?

Remember the last time you fell off the wagon, gained 20 pounds, lost your balance and flexibility and thought you’d derailed your entire life?  

The truth is, nothing ever derails you for long.  

We all have supernatural rebounding skills.  

Nothing is impossible. It’s just a matter of finding your way 

Welcome to Riverflow Yoga. 

Restart with 21 Days of Hot Yoga plus a Migun Massage, and a one-on-one yoga consultation to get you to your goals, step by step, supported by a yoga community with over 45 years experience.  

The changes you really want come not by losing inches or pounds, but by losing your belief in, “I can’t”

Hot yoga will show you that yes, you can.

What is Hot Yoga?

A good-feeling body. A glass-half-full attitude. More time for yourself. More energy for adventures. On the other side of every challenge is a life greater than you imagined  

You need a strong body and softer outlook to make that life happen.

Riverflow Yoga is not just exercise; it’s a whole body renewal.  

Whether you’re wanting to tone up, slim down or de-stress, our goal is to show you that hot yoga works for everybody, and can be comfortable for every body. 

We’re making it easy for you to take the first step  

  • 21 Days of Unlimited Hot Yoga: strength, balance and flexibility that just won’t quit
  • A Migun Massage: 15 minutes on our heated acupressure bed to melt stress 
  • A Yoga Guru: a one-on-one consultation for a personalized yoga plan  

$218 Value - Regularly $79 Now $59

It’s time to live life on your terms...but don’t go it alone.

At Riverflow Yoga we’ve seen that friends and family who sweat together, reach success together.

Having an accountabili-buddy makes your goals come that much faster, and feel that much sweeter.  

Invite a friend for the INTRO SPECIAL, just $98 for 2 (reg $118) 

Limited to the first 5 Friends to enroll