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    Develop Appreciation

    What you focus on expands

    You may have heard this before: focus on the positive and you will get more of that. Focus on the negative and...guess what. Analyzing, dissecting, figuring it out are - these are focusing on the problem.

    Law of Attraction says you attract that to which you give your predominant attention.

    This Challenge is for you if you want to:

    • Enhance something in your life - a relationship, your career, etc
    • Manifest something wanted in your life
    • Feel as good as possible about an issue in your ife
    • Create optimism
    • Replace your negativity, hopelessness, powerflessness
    • Parlay something that already feels good into something amazing
    • Let go of a relationship or situation without negative feelings
    • NOTE: An Appreciation Challenge can be especially empowering when you are ending a relationship, a job, letting go of something and assuring that you won't get a repeat of the same unsatisfactory situation  (Same Shit, Different Day Syndrome)

    Take the Appreciation Challenge:

    CLICK Post New Entry, below, and declare what you'll be appreciating in your title. It can be a specific topic or you can simply choose general appreciation - finding things to appreciate everyday about your life right now.


    Avoid appreciate something in the future. Avoid statements like "I appreciate that when I get a new job I will have a boss who values me." This may sound like appreciation but actually it is simply hoping for outside conditions to change before you can appreciate your life. 

    If you are appreciating something you are looking forward to, appreciate it in the present. Pretend it is here right now and appreciate it from right now: "I appreciate teaching hot yoga and how it is one of the most enjoyable things I do in my day!"


    1. Choose and name the focus of your appreciation
    2. For the next 30 days, write something to appreciate about that topic
    3. Don't not skip a day...hold yourself Accountable because consistency creates the new habit you want!
    4. After writing what you appreciate, stop a moment and bask in the feeling of it...joyful, excited, relaxed, powerful, loved - what does it feel like?

    Why 30 Days?

    It takes 30 Days to change an old habit and/or create a new habit. Your newfound habit of Appreciation will be solid, once you put in the 30 Days. It's worth it to feel the results of appreciation in your life - and it can be almost instanteous as you'll read below.

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