Why you should celebrate your ADHD

Why you should celebrate your ADHD

We tell ourselves that we must focus, stay on track, be single-pointed and determined to complete things we start.

NO to ADD. Focus on on thing at a time

Ready for an eye-opener?

A couple of eye-catching new studies now call these assumptions about focus into question, at least when it comes to creativity

In fact, when you want to come up with new ideas, laser sharp focus may backfire: your best friend is distraction!

When you distract your focus, you boost your chances of finding a truly novel solution.

Respect your beautiful desire to daydream and distract.

When we focus too hard for too long our minds often become stuck in a rut and there we are, concentrating on the first ideas we thought of, rather than generating truly novel solutions.

This phenomenon is known as cognitive fixation, and many psychologists now consider it to be the principle barrier to true creativity.

Multitaskers do it better. Smarter. Bigger. More ingeniously

Even working as a group is not very efficient

Forcing groups to shift focus consistently, to multitask between two or more problems lead to more creative solutions and strategies.

If you want to break free ot typical ideas, break out of mediocre thinking, STOP THJINKING ABOUT IT.

Go do something that feels GOOD right nwo

When you return to a problem, you’re more likely to think of something new to solve it

Or you may no longer view it as a problem

It doesn’t take too much imagination to think how you might put this to use in your life.

Take. More. Breaks.
Have. More. Fun.
Choose what feels good NOW.

Most people still believe concentration is key;
we tell our children to JUST FOCUS, sit and pay attention, and we wonder if they have ADD
They do. Lucky them

Leonardo da Vinci, the consummate genius multitasker, was never labeled as learning disabled because of his multiple interests.

Explore your greatness. You'll see it and feel it - if you stop looking for it so hard in one, focused place, and just let it show up for you and take you into the great unknown

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