Should have, Could have…DID!

Should have, Could have…DID!

According to psychologist Tom Gilovich, regrets that bother us most involve failing to take action.

Basically, we’re not as bothered by the mistakes we made as by mistakes we didnt make - by not taking action towards the things we wanted.

When we evaluate our lives, we think about whether we’re heading toward the person we’d like to be. Regrets that stick with you are the ‘ought to have’ regrets.

Gilovich explains that people aren’t as bothered by failed actions because most mistakes can be fixed.

But you can’t fix what was never done in the first place.

Inaction, the utter lack of trying, is what will truly haunt you. Maybe you never gave playing music a chance, despite your love for it. Perhaps you hid away every story idea you ever wrote down because you were afraid of what people would think if you actually tried. Or maybe you never found the courage to do what felt right to you, to take care of yourself and live your life.

The remedy is clear: take action while you can.

This is your reminder that the things you want to do in your life don’t go away. Sure, we get older and our priorities and responsibilities change, but we still have things we want. You may never get the "perfection you have in your mind - perfect body, perfect job, perfect family - but you can appreciate exactly where you are right now and start from here, and you are on your way to the happiness you truly deserve.

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