Are you in Transition?

What is a transition?

In my 45 years as a yoga teacher,  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many amazing people

Everyday, ordinary people who are actually quite extraordinary

I’ve heard about career changes,  marriages and divorce,  children leaving home, caring for aging parents,  so many emotional and physical transitions

What I hear is that for most people, these can be stressful

But here’s the thing I've discovered:

Transitions need not be traumatic

Because they are actually part of  everyone's life, every single day

No one is ever the same as the day before

Everything is always changing,  even if it feels like you're stuck

You, like the Universe of which you are a part, are always moving into your next phase

You will be evolving for as long as you exist - and science says that's forever

So why don't transitions feel natural?

Why don't we embrace them more?

You can learn to appreciate the beauty of change  … once you remember that you were actually built to change

And somewhere inside, you do remember

That's why when you don’t allow yourself to expand into all that you were meant to become

You feel the discomfort  ...

If you've ever felt lethargic and disinterested in things that used to excite you...

If you've ever felt overwhelmed far beyond the circumstances around you ...

If you've ever felt vague dissatisfaction that you can't quite name

You've likely been in transition-mode

You may end up blaming others for the stress you're feeling: “If only he would do what I needed, I’d feel better...”

But transition is always an inside job

And you know… it’s OK to be uncomfortable; in fact, it may be your first step forward

Even though you've been told stay put

To not expect too much so you won't be disappointed

To prepare for the worst and be grateful that things aren't worse

It is these very ideas that feel “stuck" to you.

What if you were taught to look forward to  change

To see uncertainty as a sign that the best is yet to come

To feel enjoyment, even amusement as you expect to be delighted by new things

And if each time your life wasn't going as planned, you knew for sure that things were going just as you intended

When it comes to transitions, you can hold yourself back in fear

Or you can learn to invite it all in with open arms

Open yourself to the possibility…

To live your most extraordinary capabilities …

And uncover dreams you never even imagined you could realize

That’s the opportunity

of Riverflow Hot Yoga Teacher Training

It's about more than just becoming a hot yoga teacher

And it's not just for those who aspire to teach

It's about learning new and powerful ways to go forward into the transitions

To make it blissful -  changing, growing, aging, evolving ...

And to allow yourself, right here and now,  into the life you were meant to live

Are you ready for welcome your next phase?

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