Ardha Chandrasana with Padahastasana

Ardha Chandrasana with Padahastasana


What Makes This Pose Awesome:

Just like you, I used to hate this pose. And it comes so early in the series.

There are some secrets to falling in love with the Moon.

First, LOCK YOUR ARMS. I insist on this. Most people think it's the hard part; yet the opposite is true. If you lock your arms so tightly that your biceps squeeze your head behind your ears, the bend is easy.

With each inhale, pull your pointer fingers longer and lock the arms harder. With each exhale, sink down deeper as if you're rounding over a hurdle, and PUSH the opposite hip further out.

Lastly, LOCK DOWN into your heel (on this photo it would be left heel), right through the ground, and you will feel an opening on that side of your body that will truly be eye-opening.

The locking throughout this pose is the key.

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