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...and get ready to amaze yourself


Everyone talks about the benefits of hot yoga - flexibility,  strength,  stress-relief ....now experience it for yourself.

release-resistanceRiverflow is a warm, welcoming yoga community: every class at Riverflow Yoga is a chance to transform your body from the inside out, from bones to skin, for mind, body and spirit...and you're in good company

You don't know Hot Yoga?  Don't sweat it. Our teachers will instruct you into the poses step by step while explaining all the benefits

You're ready for more?   In each of our hot yoga classes you'll find both beginners and advanced hot yogis...and every level in between. No problem; our teachers guide you in all 26 poses based on your  needs, wherever you are in your practice

Put your mind at ease and get your body energized.   Hot yoga is both easy...and challenging. The easy part: you just follow your teacher's instructions to the best of your ability. The challenge: you'll move, sweat and breathe deeper than ever before. The results:  100% transformation of mind and body in every Riverflow Yoga class. No judgements here... just pure appreciation for taking this challenge

High heat + Hot yoga = sweat equity

Hot Yoga is a sequence of yoga poses done in high heat, to create maximum flexibility. The heat dilates your blood vessels and allows oxygenated blood to flow.  Sweating is cleansing. Breathing deeply (we'll remind you) sends energy to every cell of your body.  Riverflow Yoga will balance, stretch, flex, tone and strengthen your body, and create a sense of  deep relaxation in your mind and spirit.

Sweat, yes. Strain, no.

Hot yoga is challenging, but easy does it.

Determination, yes. Struggle, no.

Our yoga instructors stand beside you, offering guidance and encouragement... and humor.

Take yourself lightly.

We don't believe in pain, but we will push your potential. Stay focused: eyes open, give it 100%.

Expect to feel good during hot yoga...and amazing for the rest of the day and beyond.

After class, stay for a snack. Ask questions. Sign up for our The Yoga of Happiness workshop or our next Hot Yoga Posture Clinic. Have a Migun Massage and experience 15 minutes of heated bliss. Consider a 30-Day Hot Yoga Transformation.

You're part of the Riverflow Yoga community where there's always something hot going on.

What to bring?

YOU: Your enthusiasm. Your smile. Your open attitude. We know you may be nervous, but relax - you're in a warm welcoming yoga community here! Prepare for the best: in every hot yoga class, you're doing something amazing for yourself

YOUR YOGA GEAR: a yoga mat and a towel that covers your mat. A bottle of water or two. Yoga clothing that is well fitted - shorts and a bra top, no long sleeves, long pants, or sweats. Don't have what you need? We rent and sell the right yoga accessories at our studio.



I'm Rhonda Uretzky, the owner of Riverflow Yoga.

I've been practicing and teaching yoga for over 45 years and I'd like to start you out right and set you up for long term success.

backbendCall me to arrange your  Yoga Consultation: in 15 minutes,  I'll assess your needs, help you set your goals and give you a plan to reach them, whether you want to tone up, calm down, gain muscle tone, lose weight or all of the above and more.  Your hot yoga plan can include:

Start with CLASSIC HOT YOGA: 26 poses/2 sets/90 minutes; this is the classic full body hot yoga workout. For beginners and experienced yogis this is the hot spot for everyone

Move things along: EXPRESS HOT YOGA: when scheduling is tight you can still make time for all the benefits of hot yoga in this one-hour version of the 26 poses

You're ready to rock: MUSIC HOT YOGA: 90 minutes/hot yoga with minimal instructions, just a rockin' playlist that makes this fun version of the Classic Hot Yoga class everyone's favorite

You want some time alone:  One-on-one HOT YOGA sessions: perfect for beginners who want to take it slow and advanced yogis who Q take it further: private, personalized one hour hot yoga sessions focus on your needs

You want to to de-stress: YOGA DEEP, 60 minutes of long, slow stretches and guided meditations to soothe the stress and energize the spirit


What happens in a Riverflow Yoga class?

  1. We set you up before the pose.
    Our careful instructions ease your body into poses without a struggle.
  2. We time the poses.
    From 10 seconds to one minute. Once you're properly aligned, holding the poses is a pleasure.
  3. We encourage AHA moments.
    AHA, I CAN touch my toes! AHA, I can bend back! AHA, my body feels beautiful. We'll help you find your AHA moments in each pose.
  4. We take the guesswork out of hot yoga.
    Follow our instructions to the best of your ability. No worries if you're new - there's nothing to figure out. Just listen and follow.
  5. We welcome beginners.
    We encourage everyone to practice "beginners mind" no matter what your level. Just start where you are.
  6. We love Savasana.
    We rest between each pose, taking time to breathe and bask.
  7. We encourage you to choose Savasana instead of a more active pose, anytime.
    No judgements. Take a rest and you'll be surprised how quickly you're ready to jump back into active poses.
  8. We appreciate you.
    Expect us to compliment you - we see your progress and we'll tell you so.