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    How to Be Great at ...anything

    In my upcoming (Sept. 2015) book, The Blissful Warrior: Living the Paradox of Peace and Passion for Today's Empowered Woman,  I pay homage to many who guided me in life. From my own dad, to Abraham-Hicks, to my Lama, Dvora Tzvieli to T. Harv Eker who created many soul-searching workshops I have attended.

    Have you noticed that most people are not guided to live the life they want? 

    After all your schooling, do you now have the money you want, relationships you want, are you as fit and flexible as you'd like? Is your business or career satisfying, or do you feel like you're just hanging on?

    Why do most people not get to live what they REALLY want?

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    Taste Your Best Diet 

    On the Riverflow Renewal in Greece, our chef Nikiforos served us meat, pasta, cakes, jellies and jams, espresso and more. Many of the things many people avoid at home, we savored here.  Are there good foods and bad foods?

    Then why did we all feel wonderful eating what we liked without following the rules?

    We were following the guilt-free, good-taste diet.

    We like to blame our troubles on our diet. In the 1980s, we blamed fat. Later, carbs became the culprit. Today, sugar is the villain and there is a veritable war on gluten.

    Still, we are malnourished. And obesity is catching up to smoking as our No. 1 preventable cause of death. 

    Why have we failed at a healthful diet?

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    How to stop facing reality 

    Ah, how I love it when that hundredth-monkey folds.

    The hundredth monkey phenomenon refers to a sudden spontaneous shift in consciousness achieved when a "critical mass" is reached.

    Here's an example: just 40 short years ago yoga was considered weird ("Do you mean 'yogurt?'" my friends would ask). Today yoga is a multi-million dollar industry that includes Lululemon fashion fails and props that practically do the poses for you.

    At some point, there was a hundredth monkey for yoga-consciousness

    Now the Wall Street Journal reports the latest oldest-new idea, something I have been teaching in Hot Yoga Teacher Training for years: you need to stop facing reality, and start understanding how you're creating reality.

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    The power of awe

    Want to improve your life? Go do something awesome.

    So says this WSJ article: Feeling Awesome: Studies Find An Emotion Has Myriad Benefits.

    Awe is not the only emotion that heals....but it is one of the most awesome.

    The feeling of awe and experiences that inspire it, benefit us in ways from stronger health to improved relationships, making us more generous and more humble. Awe increases empathy so we recognize another person and respond with concern. Awe makes us more willing to connect authenticallywith others.

    Awe is an emotional response to something vast. It challenges and expands our way of seeing the world. It might be triggered by nature, art, a significant event. We’re just not likely to find it on a treadmill at the gym..

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    Yoga Wars

    "I moved a mat—just a tad—to make room and I got, "Did you touch my mat?” from its angry owner. I rolled up my mat, walked through the sea of rubber and tears."

    People are getting hotter in hot yoga...and not in a good way

    "I attended a packed hot yoga class with a mob of sweaty strangers staring me down. I left more tense than I came in." 

    "Hot yoga classes are dominated by bee-yotches.  I will pay $500 to do a one-on-one with an instructor before I set foot in another a crowded yoga environment."

    Doesn't sound like the yoga I started practicing 43 years ago.  Yet I hear these stories regularly from students who come to our small community studio, from what I call BIG BOX YOGA STUDIOS: rooms that hold 70+ people and feel more like a circus, only no one is amused.

    No doubt about it, hot yoga can be a crowded, sweaty, stinking experience. But does it have to be?

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