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    Riverflow Yoga will help you sweat your stuff, find your flexibility, balance your body, mind and spirit. Everyone from basic beginners to seasoned yogis is at home here in our friendly community where you can come in from the cold and experience amazing all the benefits you've heard about. What's so hot about hot yoga? You'll find out at Riverflow, where we've got a warm spot just for you.



    Line up and Get Happy

    Are happy people different from you and me?

    Maybe not, but things certainly line up differently for them. Or is it the other way around?

    If you deliberately stand up straight, swing your arms, "walk the walk" before you feel the feeling, can you feel your way to an uplift no matter which way the wind blows? 

    New science says you may be able to forget your troubles, come on get happy, just by doing The Happy Dance. Or the Silly Walk.

    Or something akin to hot yoga.

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    What can you change about yourself in 30 days?

    Hmmmm...what would be truly life changing for you?

    Climbing Mount Everest?  Too cold.

    Sailing around the world in a schooner? I'm seasick already.

    Biking across the globe? Who can take that time off from work - and then time for recovery?

    How about something that will change your life in a month?

    Hot yoga for 30 days...what's in it for you?

    What if you could get rid of an old habit?

    Like beating yourself up. Putting yourself down. Feeling bad generally and specifically.

    What if you could move l closer to your dreams just by taking one small step, every day, for 30 days?

    Start counting on it.

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    Are you a Bedhead?

    I'm up before the sun. No alarm necessary.

    First thought: to find the best feeling thought

    Because you know how it is. Open your eyes and the last problem from yesterday is right there. That threads to another troubling throught.  And another. Then comes the To Do List, as if that ever solved anything. Too late: you're solidly stuck in the downward spiral whose rewards are stress, overwhelm, depression.

    Unless you turn away from that road to nowhere.

    New First Thought: Bedhead Hot Yoga 6AM Mondays and Wednesdays.  Do not comb hair. Do not change out of PJs. Do not stop.

    Dont think dont think dont think...just go.

    Mornings are for waking the Sleeping Giant: the real You.  Stretching, flexing, remembering that your Greatness is inevitable. Step into the studio and feel instantly aligned with all the right energies.

    The best way to live your dreams is to heat them up early.

    Welcome, Bedhead.  After yoga: breakfast, on us.




    How hot is your life? 

    You took on a 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge - ugh.

    Somewhere along the way, you'll wonder whatever - or whoever -  possessed you.

    You're tired. Grumpy. Thirsty.

    You have a million more productive things you could be doing. Your kids or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend is beginning to complain about how you're "never home anymore." You feel guilty: you should quit, for their sake. After all, they come first. That's just how you are: giving and nurturing. How important is this anyway?

    No matter where you are in your life, you're probably just three feet from gold. Here's why...

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    Nothing doing!

    Shockingly, a recent study at the University of Virginia showed that most people would rather be electrocuted than do nothing.

    Even more shocking: they administer a shock to themselves after a mere 15 minutes with nothing else to do.

    What's so horrifying about doing nothing?

    Psychologist Tim Wilson of the University of Virginia and his team of researchers asked college students to sit for 15 minutes in a plain room just thinking. He also asked them to record how well they concentrated and how much they enjoyed it. Most  admitted

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