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    Life responds when you Risk. - Buddha

    What makes hot yoga so cool? 


    You've heard it offers flexibility, weight loss, stress relief.. but hot yoga scares you a little. Relax... Riverflow Yoga is a warm, welcoming hot yoga community where you can relax as you get hot and flexy.  Find answers to your most burning questions in our Online FORUMS.  Take online Yoga Challenges.  Consider Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training.  Do Hot Yoga in Greece!

    Hot yoga, cool people, warm community...    Riverflow Yoga is you.


    Your Eulogy...or your life?

    Everyone has written a resume, but if you were asked to write your own eulogy, what would it say?

    Would you rather live your resume or your eulogy?

    I did this exercise for a seminar I attended awhile back: I wrote my own eulogy, describing in detail the things I'd want to be remembered for.

    And interestingly enough, it looked completely different from my resume.

    On their death bed, no one ever says, "I wish I'd spent more time at work." Yet while we are alive, we measure our success by our working life - whatever you consider your work be it traditional job, entrepreneur, caretaker or parent -  and often we lament not working hard enough or long enough.  When we haven't yet achieved the status or success we seem to want so desperately, we take it as proof positive of our low worth to the world.

    We may not say this out loud, or in those words, but we feel it. Most of the women I meet in hot yoga feel this pretty powerfully: never enough. We compare our lives, measure the distance to our goals, resolve to try harder to lose weight, gain control of our To Do List, spend more time with our kids.

    In the end, was all that keeping up and holding it together really worth it?

    Looking backwards from the other side, success can look quite different.

    What if you wrote your own eulogy right now? Here is how I would like mine to read:

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    Count yourself healthy

    Start with "1" and add a zero for each thing you want til you reach 1,000,000,000. "1" represents your health. When you have health, all things are added easily. Without it all else adds up to Zero. - Melina Ragazas, Riverflow Yoga Teacher

    Our hot yoga teacher Melina passed us this bit of wisdom from her  grandfather.  Health is wealth.  We know this ...but we forget. We remember next time we get the flu. Or a migraine. Or break a bone or strain a muscle. Fortunately, you are a curable, healable, miracle.

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    How to Win a Hot Weekend in Greece!

    Where in the world is Lefkada Beach...and how can you get there?

    A magical beach, a verdant island in the Ionian Sea in Northwestern Greece...yours for the winning! Watch the Video and find out how.

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    The forward-bend back up

    According to a very cool yoga site called Sequence Wiz which details the importance of sequencing or which yoga poses should follow others, it's imperative that you not insist on keeping those legs straight in forward bends.

    The key word here is "insist." Gradual pulling and stretching, following teacher's instructions,  easing into it in the heat is the key.

    And patience.  Just like in life. No forcing, no straining, no struggling. Gentle asking, then allowing. Life imitates asanas: hot yoga, cool life.

    The forward bend is just one of the many ways we've got your back in hot yoga :


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    Don't try this at home: Thoughts on home-alone hot yoga

    People always ask me, which hot yoga poses can I do at home to build my practice, or get stretched?

    My answer: the ones you want to ruin.

    There's a reason hot yoga is best practiced in community.

    First, of course, there is the heat and humidity. Your yoga studio has the edge here, knowing just how to mix the two to provide your body with the best possible conditions for mastering the 26 poses. You can steam up your bathroom, get a space heater, put on layers of's just not hot enough. I'm not just talking room temperature; many other things make hot yoga hotter at the studio.

    Take for instance the watchful eye of your teacher. Think you can't get hurt in yoga? Think again...

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