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    "You don't need to fix who you are;  

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    —Rhonda Uretzky, owner/Riverflow Yoga, Author/The Blissful Warrior 

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    Do your dreams inspire you...or annoy you?

    Science now agrees: your dreams are real.

    When you desire something, when you dream of it, you've already created it.

    Your dreams actually exist before you can see them; they exist on an energy level.

    You called them into being with the energy of your asking - and science says that energy can never be destroyed.

    To manifest your dreams, to bring them from the dream to what you are living, you need to apply another kind of energy: the energy of your feelings.

    You need to feel good about your dreams.

    You may not realize it, but much of the time you feel badly about your dreams.

    You feel pessimistic. You feel unsure. You feel disappointed, worried, even angry.

    And that's the irony: those feelings are the obstacles to your dreams. Those feelings don't match the exhilaration, the joy, the blissful energy of your dreams, and you cannot live your dreams in the midst of despair, doubt, or worry.

    But don't worry; there a simple solution available instantly to everyone:

    The first step is to realizing your dreams is not to set goals, make To Do Lists, or take action at all; it is quite simpler than that...

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    Hot Yoga Star Wars

    A Star Wars saga prompted an article entitled, "6 Reasons Why Yogis are Actually Jedi Knights. "

    But I'll go even further: Hot yogis are Jedi Masters.

    Here are my 6 Reasons why; and may the Bliss be with you. 

    Reason 1. We are not The Force; we are The Flow

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    Tis the Season Relax

    It can always be a season of fun, relaxation, love.

     Because you were meant to enjoy life - all of it.

    May this guided meditation follow you outside our yoga studio and into many seasons of joy

    More simple guided meditations are available for download on our Meditations page on this website


    What is Community vs. Network?

    I've been thinking a lot about community and what it means

    Many of you come to Riverflow to gain strength and flexibility, to release anxiety and stress.  

    I have sensed an even deeper yearning: to be part of a feel-good community.  

    The idea of community has been replaced by “networking.” and as a businesswoman, I do see the value of creating partnerships. 

    But a community is personal. In a community, you are seen and supported for who you are, not what you do.  

    You are a valued member of the community at Riverflow Yoga. We hope you feel it in how you are greeted, how you are cheered on in each class, how we celebrate you.

    Connect with yourself here.  

    Riverflow Membership is unlimited yoga classes, free class passes to share with your friends, massages after class, and always new reasons to feel good about yourself.

    Give yourself what you need. When you don't, its like saying, “I am not worth it.” Which is simply not true.  

    You are valuable just as you are. There's no one like you, and we are lucky to have you.

    You are our yoga community.

    Connect to what feels good in hot yoga, then go out into your community a little lighter, a little more bendy, perhaps a step closer to the life you were meant to live....the happy one.


    Travelin' Yogi

    “Travel gives me wings. My life becomes fuller, grander, richer when I invest in an experience of travel.  It’s like a calling from my future - to take that next flight, plan the next road trip, go for the next step.”- Melina Ragazas, yoga teacher

    Travel is an empowering experience.

    The old adage to "buy experiences, not possessions" applies to travel, because the experience of travel is truly priceless.

    Here’s why...

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