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    Riverflow is Hot Yoga for everyone,  from basic beginners to advanced yogis. That's YOU! Come to  Hot yoga classes,   Hot Yoga Teacher TrainingHot Yoga in Greece to flex, stretch and grow with us, morning, noon and night. There's a hot spot for you in our warm, welcoming yoga community. That's Riverflow Yoga

    However far you reach, you will go farther. However great your dreams, they will be grander. However much you love, you will be loved much more. This is the Law of Increasing Returns - TUT.com


    How hot is your life? 

    You took on a 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge - ugh.

    Somewhere along the way, you'll wish you didn't and wonder whatever possessed you.

    You're tired. Grumpy. Thirsty.

    You have a million more productive things you could be doing. Your kids or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend is beginning to complain about how you're "never home anymore." You feel guilty: you should quit, for their sake. After all, they come first. That's just how you are: giving and nurturing. How important is this 30 Day Challenge anyway?

    No matter where you are on your 30 Day Challenge or in your life, you're probably just three feet from gold. Here's why...

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    Nothing doing!

    Shockingly, a recent study at the University of Virginia showed that most people would rather be electrocuted than do nothing.

    Even more shocking: they administer a shock to themselves after a mere 15 minutes with nothing else to do.

    What's so horrifying about doing nothing?

    Psychologist Tim Wilson of the University of Virginia and his team of researchers asked college students to sit for 15 minutes in a plain room just thinking. He also asked them to record how well they concentrated and how much they enjoyed it. Most  admitted

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    Knowing when to hold it, when to fold it and when to let go 

    "Push, push, PUSH!"

    Your teacher's voice is edging you into those bends and twists just outside your comfort zone.

    Is she pushing you forward or pushing your buttons?

    There is a Sanskrit word that describes how to push on: “krama”  which means, "step-by-step."

    It works in life, too.

    What if you are so overwhelmed with stuff that simply must get done right now you cannot imagine taking one step at time?

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    Sweat so Good!

    You do it for that delicious mix of warrior accomplishment and complete calm; it's what keeps you coming back to hot yoga. 

    Yet you may be blissfully unware of the amazing cellular health you're getting not just from the asanas, but from the sweating you do in hot yoga.

    Get ready to get blown away when you hear how deeply and completely healing your regular hot yoga practice is, for every cell in your body.

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    How to relax about being uptight 


    “I can’t  do yoga – I’m not flexible!”

    We’ve all heard this circular logic as we try to explain to uptight friends that hot yoga is the cure. In fact, the tighter you are the more quickly you notice the before-and-after of your hot yoga body.

    But hot yoga is more than skin deep.  While you're busy twisting and turning and stretching, yoga is expanding you on many other levels, loosening your uptight mind, for example

    Is there such a thing as too tight to get it right? 

    How much does your mind affect your body? If you believe you’re inflexible, are you even more prone to the possibility of injury in yoga?

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